Wednesday, August 05, 2009

The Uncriticizable President Part 2

My! My! How opinions change!

When George Bush was president liberals didn't hesitate to call him every vile name in the book. Now that they have the power they are outraged at any dissent from their policies. Can you say hypocrites? I knew you could.

The reactions of the Dems to many Americans' anger over Obamacare is downright shameful...and frightening. I have never in my life seen a national party actively try to discourage and discredit opposition to its policies. It's one thing for bloggers, columnists, or talking heads to opine on and even diss their ideological opponents, but when actual members of government do it it's alarming.

How dare you Democrats chastise us citizens for speaking our minds!!!! Let me explain something to you people.

The Constitution guarantees freedom of speech to all Americans, not just those on the Left. You senators, representatives, and presidents are sent to Washington to do the will of us, the people. You are not sent there to impose your will on us! Speaking our minds and making our opinions known on the issues of the day isn't only a constitutional right, it's also a duty of citizenship. And part of your duty as our public servants is to listen to, not disparage, our opinions.

The smear campaign against opponents of Obama's health care reform is appalling. During the Bush administration liberals shrilly insisted that dissent was the highest form of patriotism. But now that their Golden Boy is in office criticism of the president and/or his policies is suddenly illegitimate. I'm shocked almost beyond words at liberals' stunning reversal of their admiration for dissent. Oppose Bush and you're a patriot; oppose Obama and you're a racist or a stupid, GOP tool. Gimme a break!

It's time liberals in and out of government accepted the fact they that don't own the right to criticize. Their messiah and everything he does aren't off limits to dissent. Smarmy efforts to delegitimize Obama's critics expose a mile wide fascist streak running through the left side of the political aisle. Surprise, surprise.

The fight against Obamacare is shaping up to be a fight for the right to free speech for all. Being an angry "mob" is our American right. If Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, and Obama himself are upset by that then they're living in the wrong country. They should catch the next plane to Venezuela or Cuba where only the Left can speak. I'm sure they'll feel completely at home there.


Skunkfeathers said...

It is very apparent that the Left believes only they have the right to be "an angry mob". When ordinary citizens turn out at townhall events to protest Barry's Hellthcare pogrom, they are cast by the Left as "plants", and they call out their own thugs -- like the SEIU and ACORN -- to attack righteous, taxpaying, concerned Americans voicing a dissenting opinion (as the pukes did to one such opposition voice in St. Louis).

We the people need to keep the heat on. Keep the voices being heard, regardless of the thugs that Chris Matthews and Barry's underlings are summoning forth from the outhouse pits, to stifle dissent. And remember well their tactics and their objectives, so when we vote in '10, Congress is sent an even louder message than it received in '94.

I have written to my congressman, senators, and to that idiotic email, my disapproval of HR 3200 as written, and I have promised them all the loss of my vote if that bill goes forward with all it's deceits and deceptions.

Anonymous said...

As Skunkfeathers is very apparent that the left believes only they have the right to be the angry mob......I think that is because they feel they are good at it....NO ONE ELSE IS.

But we have got to start standing up for what is right in this country before these politicians take all those rights away and they no longer exist for us to worry about. I am really scared for this country,....and the more that Obama does and says, the more afraid for this country, and her people I become. We are in trouble and have to know this before we are exterminated by our own president. And that is coming I am afraid. Great post my friend. You always know what to say.

I was listening to Rush today and he played a clip of an angry Congressman who was shouting down a Doctor, saying that we are all wrong because we are doing our protesting at Townhall Meetings like cowards instead of doing the right thing and writting or calling them to set an appointment to talk to them. Yeah....I thought that would work...after all...we write them them, we only get a form letter back...we call them...we only get a busy signal. Chicken shxx way to get out of representing us huh Congressman?

Seane-Anna said...

Skunky and Robert, thanks for your kind words of support. I'm also afraid for our country when members of the government are actively working to smear anti-government critics. But I think the Dems/libs may have overplayed their hand on this one. People are now outraged not only about the health care plan but also about the sinister efforts to demonize them for opposing it. I believe that will come back to bite the Dems/libs in the ass. And I can't wait.

Anonymous said...

You mean the same way conservatives cried and shouted every time someone criticized Bush?

It's not a "liberal" or "conservative" thing, it's a "people" thing. There aren't many people in this country who can around pointing fingers about this without looking like a hypocrite.