Monday, August 31, 2009

Get 'Em While They're Young!

While driving home from work today I was listening to Michael Medved's radio show and heard something totally creepy. It seems that Barack Obama really does believe he's Dear Leader and he's going after the kiddos to make them believe it, too. How is he planning on doing that? By giving a speech on September 8 to America's school children, a speech that teachers are being greatly encouraged to permit their students to watch during the school day. This, as I said, is totally creepy.

It's not just the fact of Obama giving a speech directly to children that's creepy. It's the things that are going along with it. According to Medved the Department of Education has suggested that, in preparation for the Anointed One's speech, teachers should encourage their students to read books about Obama and should ask them questions like, What can we learn from President Obama? And my favorite, How does Barack Obama inspire us? WTF?!?!

We are not living in North Korea! This is America! There is nothing inherently wrong with Obama or any president talking to America's children, but Obama is a chief executive who's shown he doesn't like criticism. He's taken it upon himself to tell Americans which news sources they can trust and which they can't. He's told Republican lawmakers that they need to stop listening to Rush Limbaugh. And he's complained that Fox News isn't "adequately favorable" to him, as if it's the media's job to be favorable to him. Clearly, Obama has a problem with dissent. So, his upcoming speech to the nation's kids is suspicious.

The guest on Michael Medved's show, a Midwestern school teacher called "Carol", asked why Obama doesn't give his speech during primetime. During primetime, "Carol" pointed out, not only could kids still hear the speech but their parents could listen too and give their opinion on Obama's message. Perhaps that's why Obama is giving his education speech during school hours, precisely to do an end run around that parental filter. Dear Leader wants to reach the children directly so they'll then go home and tell Mom and Dad how great he is because he cares about them and wants them to do well in school. The strategy is simple: get the kids and the parents will follow. I'm not saying that is what Obama's doing but it sure looks like it.

As news of Obama's speech spreads I hope many, many parents will opt their kids out of the "historic" event. If Barack Obama really cares about education then the people he needs to be addressing are parents, not children. But parents are adults who might surprise Barack with some challenging questions and thoughtful skepticism. Obama will have no such worries with little kids; they can be counted on to give him the unthinking devotion he seems to need just to function as a human being.

Obama needs to grow up. He wanted to be president; well, now he is. If he can't take the political heat he should resign and leave the presidency to someone more thick-skinned. But the one thing he most certainly must not do is use our children for his own political gain. Parents and others who love children don't take kindly to that sort of thing. Just thought Dear Leader ought to know.


Skunkfeathers said...

It's not about having a thick or thin skin; it's about power: acquiring it, keeping it, expanding it, controlling it.

Barry's shown there is no limit to his aspirations via dishonesty and disinformation, as is demonstrated by his minions and his establishment of a "czar" philosophy that is answerable to him, and him alone. And who better than the young and impressionable, on which to practice?

Barry is bent on out-Cartering Carter, for presidential ineptness; he's already out-Cartered Carter in the lies and deceit department.

Roadhouse said...

He's starting to look desparate. Like he's trying to find supporters wherever he can.

Anonymous said...

I have heard of this, and I and my wife are going to go to the school and tell them if the kids have to listen to this speech, ours will not be there, unless there is something else they can do during the speech.

First we are going to suggest opting out of the classes that have the speech played....and if we can't do that for the kids, then we will keep them hoome that day. I do not want my children indoctrinated by Obama and his socialistic ideals.

Jane said...

Mindless hysteria.

Skunkfeathers said...

Yes, Jane, that's what your side has over tea parties and town hall meetings that spotlight real voters expressing concerns.

Roadhouse said...

It's been too long. We've missed you so. Media matter? Media matters to Obama, because they're the only thing keeping his Presidency afloat. If the media would do their job every once in a while, you might see what he's doing to this country...right in front of your face no less.

Jane said...


Really skunky? is that what you see at town hall meetings and "tea parties"? I know that they aren't all crazy but come on, that isn't debate that is idiotic venting. People shouting down women in wheelchairs, comparing Obama to hitler, stalin, mao, etc etc. Bringing guns and talking about Revolutions. The supposedly pro-American Republicans of Texas had a protest demanding recession because they didn't like Obama, mostly because of what shock jocks on the radio and on Fox news tell them to think..thats the cold hard truth about it, too. They're mad because people tell them to be mad, it would be different if there was actual debate going on and validity in their claims. But when confronted with truth they start yelling and their response is "shut up" and "shooosh!"

And the best part about the whole thing is the republicans have no alternative to the Democractic bill, only complaints...and hysteria ;)

Jane said...


did you bother to use the link? it was provided to the show the hypocrisy in the hysterical ranting about not wanting children to see Obama's speech...which the White House has stated will only talk about education and not dropping out etc. That would be a hard thing to lie about don't you think?

Compared to Reagan who used his speech to children to talk about his political beliefs and taxes.

Oh and I don't think Obama's plans are aggressive enough, he is determined with the bi-partisan route even though his republican "ally" on healthcare has backed up the death panel insanity.

I really do hope you look at the links I provided.

Seane-Anna said...

Jane, you're still an ignorant slut--sorry, couldn't pass up that SNL line--but it's nice to see you back.

So, you're shocked--shocked!--at people (supposedly) comparing your fantasy lover to Hitler, Mao, Stalin, et al, are you? Of course, such a thing has never happened before in the history of the country. All those liberals calling Bush Hitler, Nazi, terrorist, and war criminal were just figments of conservatives' overactive imagination. I mean, you libtards are the PARAGONS of civil debate. Gimme a fucking break!

Jane,the ONLY reason you and all your libtard friends despise the tea party and town hall protestors is because they're protesting against your messiah. If they were doing exactly the same thing against some Republican politician you'd be singing their praises. Don't deny it, you hypocrite.

Remember Jane, way back on Jean's blog YOU were the one who claimed that criticizing the country was the ONLY way to be a good citizen. Well, what happened to that belief, chicka? Oh yeah, like so many other liberal "principles" it went the way of the dinosaurs as soon as it stopped being useful for the Left. As the Church Lady would say, how convenient!

Skunkfeathers said...

Jane, you conveniently overlook Bela Pelosi's characterization of Americans who disagree with her socialist/marxist view of hellthcare; you conveniently overlook Barry's pledge to unions about his wish for a single-payer system (well documented), which he then tried to lie to the American people about; you overlook Barney Fwank's ducking and dodging at townhall meetings, and the lies and disinformation put out by the White House; you conveniently disregard the "snitch line" the WHITE HOUSE set up for your buddies in ACORN to report on people who protested provisions in HR 3200 (an email that finally got shut down, after all the anger about it's being opened); you conveniently forget a great deal, to make a pithy point about how your polar redeemer is going to make the world a socialist/marxist paradise, to please you.

You have a great deal of HRC in your make-up, conveniently not recalling much.

Jane said...

Neither of you answered my post, you both responded in a typical manner.

1) Pelosi has a right to her belief that America should have Universal Health Care, I agree with her

2) That doesn't mean others can disagree, just make a reasonable alternative, don't resort to lies, such as death panels, etc

Now answer me why you get upset over Obama making a speech to children when both Bush and Reagan have done the same thing?

All you did was change the subject like is convenient to do. "But what about the liberal?" that isn't a response that's an excuse.

Skunkfeathers said...

I already answered your question, Jane, the more you prattle on, the more you sound like Keith Olbermann. But at least you've admitted that you agree with Bela Pelosi on what she wants to do to healthcare in this country; socialize it, ration it, and control it. Thanks for that honesty as to where you stand.

Now I'll tell you what I object to about Barry's speech to kids...besides the fact I've read the talking/teaching points that went out to schools for teachers to use on the students before/after the speech...quite frankly, he's a liar, many times over. Simple as that.

Anything else bothering you I can help with?

Oh, and you can't turn me into their snitch email addy anymore; they caught so much heat for it, they shut it down ;)

Roadhouse said...

Oh, I'm sorry...I thought Reagan was dead. The last time I checked, he wasn't President in 2009. The last time I checked, when he WAS President, he wasn't trying to use a captive audience to "help him" move a socialist agenda forward.

Also, Reagan was never mentored by radical socialists, racists, or proud communists, who advocate undermining Americans via their children.

But still, I'll worry about Reagan just as soon as he rises from the grave and returns to the White House. Today, I have to protect my children from the influence of those who have never run a lemonade stand yet assume the authority to run major components of our economy (un-constitutionally) and surround themselves with communists and anti-prosperity change-mongers.

Roadhouse said...

I almost forgot, if it's really important for you to not see what has been referred to as "death panels" in the House bill, do NOT look at Pg 30 Sec 123 of it.

Besides, if you want the same government that just last month was willing to pay $4500.00 for a 15 year old mini-van with 300,000 miles on it and rust holes you can put your fist through to be in charge of your family's health care, then keep on doin' what your doin'.

Skunkfeathers said...

And Jane: you didn't mind "mindless hysteria" that exemplified you and your friends during the 8 years of the previous administration. And another thing you missed -- probably during your mindless hysterial period -- is that the previous admin kept us from being hit by a repeat of 9/11. Meantime, your "mindless hysteria" then, and since, sought to punish those who protected us.

Your selective memory is on full-blown denial, Jane.

And again, I object to your marxist president's speech because he lies like a cheap rug, and I am perfectly fine with taxpaying, voting, concerned American citizens speaking out against HR 3200, and spending the future on socialist smoke and mirrors.

Of course you don't agree with that; of course, you'll never convince me that you've thought any of this through. Mediamatters is nothing but a talking-points slut to Barry, the guy who spend over a million dollars to keep his birth certificate records sealed.

Now THERE is transparency only folks like YOU can believe in.

Prattle on, Jane.

Jane said...

No answers yet again, this is getting disgraceful

Skunky changes the subject and makes exceptions for Reagan. lol, do you realize how stupid you are coming off? I wish I lived in a country where the opposition wasn't a brainwashed puppet whose strings were pulled by Fox News. You live in a fantasy world

Jane said...

Don't you realize how ridiculous your answers are when all they are composed of is vitroilic hate for the current president riddled with conspiracy theories fit for the insane? You don't want to use fact, you want to be in your comfort zone. It's frustrating when you can't even have a discussion with the opposing party. You're like a whining baby, how do you reason with that? I assume you are adults, time to grow up wouldn't you say?

Skunkfeathers said...

Janey-cakes, we waited 8 years for you and yours to grow up and become intelligent, clear-headed and logical. It didn't happen. You branded Bush a dummy and Hitler; you supported the terrorists, you dissed the efforts to protect us, you lied about global warming, you lied about Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid, you lied about ACORN, you've lied like a cheap rug for years. And now that your boy is in the White House, you lie to cover his lies, and accuse others of name calling and hate vitriol that you engaged in for 8 years, and continue to, because your own childish ideology is mired in ignorance.

If I'm stupid, you're moronic. And attaching yourself to Bela Pelosi's hip makes you even moreso. But this is a free country, and you are free to sink with the anchor of your choice.

But you've won no arguments here, and convinced no one with your talking points drivel and dishonesty.

And now, a message from Barry's Transparency Department: oops, he doesn't have one. Eh...just one more liberal LIE amongst the too many to count.

And hecky darn poo, I didn't even need FOX News to make that apparent.

Skunkfeathers said...

BTW, Janey-cakes, it's funny that you should complain that you come here to have intelligent debate, when you bring no intelligent debate with you. Only Baghdad Bob Gibb's sleazy talking points you spew like projectile vomit.

But eh...since you're too intellectually lazy to get real facts and actually think before you spew -- let alone, get your own blog, where you can spew to your bowels' content -- long as Seane Anna's willing to tolerate your intellectually inept tantrums, babble on. I'm sure she appreciates the comments counts ;)

Roadhouse said...

Jane said: "No answers yet again, this is getting disgraceful

Skunky changes the subject and makes exceptions for Reagan."

I have read and re-read all comments here, and all of your questions have been answered, either directly or indirectly.

Of coarse we make exception for Reagan. He was an exceptional person. He used the bully pulpit to promote liberty, freedom, and free market principals. He used it to make America better and remind us that government is supposed to have limitations on it's power over the people.
Obama is doing the exact opposite...hence the anger on our side of the isle. Hence our reluctance toward him having access to our children.

Is that really so complicated?

Skunkfeathers said...

Roadhouse, it is too complicated for Jane and her ilk. They can't stand the truth when it doesn't support their convoluted, twisted worldview.

They're entitled to their worldview. And we are entitled to call their worldview what it is, and say no to it.

Seane-Anna said...

Skunky and Roadie, y'all are smokin'! I couldn't dish it out to Janey-cakes--I love that one!--like you two are doing if my life depended on it. I mean, she is a piece of work, ain't she?

You can answer Janey-cakes' questions till the proverbial cows come home but if the answers don't fit her worldview she'll insist you gave her no answers at all.

I first encountered this quality of hers when our paths first crossed way back on Jean's Frenchy French blog. Then, I thought Janey-cakes was just being stubborn, but now I think it's some sort of strategy, maybe an attempt to confuse and/or intimidate her opponents. Of course, it's not working, which makes you wonder why she keeps doing it, but it does make for great blogging theater.

So, keep firing away at dear Jane with both barrels, my friends. I do appreciate the comment count and I appreciate watching her get creamed.

Skunkfeathers said...

Seane-Anna, you've already proved you can go toe-to-toe with Janey-cakes and best her (which she proves by claiming her questions weren't answered, or just resorts to her silly insults, right out of the Leftist play book).

Seane-Anna said...

Thanks, Skunky!

Skunkfeathers said...

Joe and Jill Public still has power. Today proved it.

JMK said...

I read the speech....non-political all good stuff, BUT the Dept of Education's ham-handed Obama-fest was dangerous to the education of America's children.

There's no need for them to, in any way, prase or even indicate the slightest bit of support from teachers, teacher's groups or the Dept of FACT, education is best served by their supporting critical thinking about all this on the part of students. Books form ALL sides should've been touted.

The MSM and other Liberal groups have no moral standing on this issue and MUST remain silent as they did the SAME thing the FIRST time a sitting U.S. President (George Bush Sr.) addressed American students....both the press corps and America's 17% cadre of Liberals went ballistic.

In light of that, Jane has no case to make against those who chose to react the same way her ilk did less than two decades ago.

Anonymous said...

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Skunkfeathers said... of Jane's genetic eunuch libtard racist friends has learned enough of his cyphers to try to write like a moron and call you stupid.

Gotta love morons that wear it across their forehead.