Thursday, August 13, 2009

They Can Organize...

...but we can't?

Tonight on Greta Van Susteren I saw that supporters of Obamacare came out in force at a townhall meeting for Sen. Arlen Spector in Pennsylvania. And did those supporters of the President's health care policy show up at the meeting spontaneously? NOT! They were bussed in by your favorite community organizer organization and mine: ACORN.

But wait! Hasn't the political Left spent the last few weeks screaming against organized protests? Haven't liberal politicians been saying that organized protests are illegitimate, astroturf, to quote one well-known leftist politico? Yes, that's exactly what the Left's been saying, loud and clear. But now that people are organizing for Obamacare organized protests are A-ok. Liberal hypocrisy at work.

The truth, people, is that most demonstrations are organized and that's alright. All groups--liberal, conservative, religious, secular, you name it--are free to rally their troops to make their voices heard. It's called freedom of speech and it's the American way. It's the American way when we do it, and it's the American way when they do it. There is no clause in the Constitution that says free speech is only for the Left. Memo to Nancy Pelosi.

The effort to demonize, discredit, and smear the sometimes raucous opponents of Obamacare is not only shameful but also a threat to one of our most cherished and fundamental liberties. The liberal politicians and their party who are leading this charge should be ashamed of themselves. Those who disagree with any of Obama's policies are Americans too and have the same rights as Obama's devotees.

They can organize but we can't? Not in my America!


Skunkfeathers said...

The Left's hypocrisy has been on parade for a generation. And as more real Americans become concerned to angry about the lies and arrogance of Barry and his sycophants, their voices scare the Left to more deceit and desperation.

Watch the media as '09 winds into '10...they'll go to incredible extents and sink to new depths of dishonesty to try to hold the status quo.

Roadhouse said...

On the bright side, considering the title and premise of my first book, I'm hoping that Pelosi and company continue to compare us to Hitler. It might get me some more sales.