Sunday, August 09, 2009

The REAL Backbone Of America

Dr. David Scheiner, Barack Obama's former personal physician, was on Mike Huckabee's show Saturday and he said something that really pissed me off.

While discussing Obamacare--he's against it, he supports a single payer plan--Scheiner advocated covering illegal aliens because they "do our work for us". Did you get that? Illegals do our work. When I heard that my first thought was, oh no he didn't say that! My second thought was how someone who has to be smart--Schneiner's a doctor after all--would peddle such bona fide nonsense.

Speaking as someone who busts my ass 40-60 hours a week, I'm SICK TO DEATH of this noxious notion that illegal aliens are the only people in America who work. No, they AREN'T. Illegals make up approximately 5% of the US workforce. That means the other 95% of the US workforce is composed of AMERICANS! Like me. We are the ones who "do our work". We are not some sort of parasitic leisure class living off the backs of the poor illegals. We are the producers. It is our labor that produces the wealth that creates the jobs that employ the illegals. If we stopped working the illegals would have nothing. We don't owe our way of life to them; they owe their lives to us.

If Dr. Scheiner or anyone else believes that illegal aliens should be covered by universal health care, fine. Let them defend their view with rationally stated arguments. But Scheiner and all who think like him should understand that they lose credibility when they use the patently false assertion that illegals "do our work" and therefore should reap all the benefits of citizenship. They don't and they shouldn't.

I am an American worker. I am only one of millions. I and my fellow workers, along with small businessmen, are the backbone of the US economy. If our country ends up with socialized medicine--and I pray she doesn't--it should go first of all to us. No foreigner who broke into this country like a thief in the night deserves health care at the taxpayer's expense. If they want free health care let them get it in their own country. As for America, let universal health care go to those who really "do our work". You and me.


Skunkfeathers said...

Barry has stocked his administration full of this kind of thinking. And his falling poll numbers prove that voter remorse is in full swing.

Anonymous said...

What I know is this: Where did he say illegals are the only ones who do work in this country?

Anonymous said...

Oops, meant to say, "What I WANT TO know is this..."

Seane-Anna said...

First of all Anonymous, why don't you use your real name? Even Jane uses Jane (don't know if that's her real name but at least it isn't "Anonymous").

And as to your question, Dr. Scheiner said that illegals "do our work for us". So what do you think that means? Anonymous, if someone says someone else does your work for you that implies an accusation that you are NOT doing your own work. And that's a typical strategy of the pro-illegal alien, pro-amnesty crowd.

When the latest round of debate over illegal aliens erupted in 2006, the supporters of IAs constantly shrieked that their illegal status should be overlooked because they came here to WORK. On ABC's morning news show, This Week with George Stephanopoulos, Katrina vanden Heuvel, editor of the leftwing magazine The Nation, called illegals "the backbone of our economy". Again, Anonymous, what do you think that means?

When Dr. Scheiner said illegals "do our work for us" he was parroting a malicious, leftwing falsehood that, imho, denigrates the REAL backbone of America: American workers and small businessmen. And THAT should outrage every American, including you, Anonymous (assuming you are American).

Anonymous said...

Why did I pick anonymous?

1. It was quick.

2. I am lazy.

3. Even if I had named myself Louis Adamus Winthrope III it wouldn't change the validity of my comments.

As for your argument:

1. Anyone who does a job you need done, but can't or won't do yourself is "doing your work for you." When the city paves the street to my house, they are doing my work for me. They are paving a street for my personal use so I don't have to. The people at Albertson's who scan my groceries are doing my work for me. They are scanning my groceries so I can think about what I'm going to do when I get home instead of scanning my own groceries. Garbagemen do you work for you. Computer programmers do your work for you. Doctors do you work for you. If you work, then chances are you are doing someone's work for them. Since illegals are workers, they fit in the category, too. Conversely, you do work (if you work) for the illegals as well.

2. The only other meaning you could derive from his statement is the "they do jobs Americans won't do" line that many people feed us. This, while silly, does NOT imply that American don't work.

3. As a man who is a working American and well aware of the fact that he is a working American, Dr. Scheiner obviously didn't mean that Americans don't work.

4. Your second paragraph is completely irrelevant. What other people say have nothing to do with Dr. Scheiner. That would be just like me saying that you believe XYZ because Rush Limbaugh said he does.