Sunday, May 31, 2009

O Happy Day!

Tiller the Baby Killer is dead!

I read this on a blog late this afternoon but didn't believe it. I hadn't heard anything about the killing on tv. Then, about an hour ago, I saw a snippet of tv news that said Tiller was shot inside his church this morning. I then did a Google search and discovered that George Tiller, evil late term abortionist, is indeed dead. A 51-year-old "person of interest" is in police custody.

Prominent pro-life individuals and organizations will almost certainly distance themselves from this act. Already, Operation Rescue has condemned the killing. I, though, have no qualms celebrating the demise of that despicable man.

George Tiller was a baby killer. Without conscience he snuffed out the lives of tens of thousands of fully formed, defenseless, unborn infants for blood money. Morally, Tiller was no different from a mafia hit man. He was a killer for hire. He lived by the sword and he died by it. That is nothing to cry about. It would be like crying over the execution of Ted Bundy. It's poetic, maybe even divine, justice. Thousands of unborn babies will live because Tiller is no longer among us. He is in hell where he belongs.

No rest for the wicked. Not in life. Not in death. Not ever.


elwoodin said...

I agree, that he is burning in hell now, but I kind of disagree with the rest. I thinnk that he got his with this because he has killed so many thousands of babies before they even had a chance at life...but, I can't condone MURDER under any circumstances. The man who did this is just as bad, and will also roast in hell when he dies.

Roadhouse said...

I wish the guy would have used some other weapon, because the left is going to use this to push more gun control garbage.

Seane-Anna said...

Hey Roadie, I hadn't thought of the gun control angle. I'm sure you're right. Demonizing guns AND the pro-life movement be the twin themes of the Left in the weeks to come.

And Robert, I don't condone murder, either. I just don't think that killing Tiller was murder. I think it was the killer's attempt to obey God's command to "Rescue those unjustly being led away to death" (Proverbs 24:11). I may be wrong, but that isn't murder in my book.

elwoodin said...

You may be right Seane, but, Roadie is too. The left is eventually going to have a hayday on this to get more regulations on guns.

Skunkfeathers said...

The Left is already trying to have a field day with this. Funny how they can celebrate the death of one of their "heroes", because in it, they see another opportunity to demonize the Right.

Problem is, as details about the shooter emerge, it looks more and more like the shooter is also one of the Left -- an anarchist.

Irony's a funny thing, ain't it?

JMK said...

Obviously I agree with Robert.

This murder made a martyr out of a Liberal icon and gave the far-Left (ie. the Olbermanniacs) some much desired cannon fodder.

Beyond that, the act of murdering a doctor in a Church by a "pro-LIFE" person, is so hypocritically ironic it's not funny.

Anonymous said...

"The fusion of politics and religion is a dangerous, dangerous thing"

pretty much. we have seen it in the middle east with the Taliban, and now we are seeing the same elements being accepted by America's right wing extremists. Quite a scary thought if you are able to wrap your head around it. Pretty much anything can be justified in the bible, people have used it to justify slavery, justify women's inferiority, justify banning interacial marriage, even wackjobs have used it to justify murder, rape, other crimes,etc.

You are using it to justify murder, that's pretty bone chilling and makes me question the limits the right will go to.

This was nothing more than domestic terrorism.