Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The REAL Holy Warriors!!!!

I'm having a bit of writer's block so I decided to post a video paying tribute to our troops. I went to YouTube looking for one particular video but ended up finding three that rocked my world. I've posted those videos below. One of them has strong language for which I apologize, but if you can overlook the profanity I think you'll enjoy the vid. So sit back, grab a Coke, and cheer on the US Armed Forces, the REAL holy warriors!!!!

Vid 1: Marine Sniper Remix. A kickass tribute to Great Satan's A1 killaz! (Song: Bodies, by Drowing Pool)

Vid 2: Marines Get Some: Die MF Die. Watch Uncle Sam's Finest bust caps on enemy ass! American Terminators without apology! (Song: Die MF Die, by D.O.P.E)

Vid 3: Soldiers. Here are America's Mighty Men getting a little R&R after a day of villain killin'. Rest up, rock on, and fight another day, boys! (Song: Soldiers, by Drowning Pool)


Skunkfeathers said...

USMC rocks! Liberals who diss 'em suck (I kept that message simple for the dumbed-down educated liberals, 'cuz it ain't fair to write too intelligently for them to understand)!

Jane said...

You posted on "inside america" that you thought you knew what my reaction would be to these videos. Indeed I don't think you do, you most likely think that my beliefs are identical to the ugly mostly false stereotypes you righties give us. I support the troops whole heartedly, I don't support the war.

And no, I don't have a blog.

Seane-Anna said...

"I support the troops whole heartedly, I don't support the war." That's just it, Jane. You CAN'T support the troops and not support the war. That's what you liberals don't understand.

If you support the troops but not the war, what does that mean? If you don't support the war does that mean you want the troops to lose? And if you want the troops to lose how can you say you support them? Do you just want them sitting Stateside twiddling their thumbs?

Listen, Jane. TROOPS FIGHT WARS!!!! If you're against the war the troops are fighting you're against the troops. If you want the troops to lose you're against the troops. It's that simple. I don't know why you liberals don't get it.

And you should have a blog, Jane. You'd be good at it and I'd be your first commenter.

Jane said...

"And you should have a blog, Jane. You'd be good at it and I'd be your first commenter."

very kind but I'm not very good at that sort of thing. You need to be organized and I am anything but organized.

To answer your question about the troops. I don't support the Iraq War, I am not a pacifist, I know when wars have there place. The War in Afghanistan is shaping up to be an unwinnable war. Terrorists are cowards, they hide among civilians, it doesn't matter how much brute force our army has.

Yes, you very much can support troops without supporting the war, troops aren't just warriors as you say, in peacetime they are very
active. We have troops that are active all over the globe and not in wars, whether it be in peace keeping missions, delivering aid, etc.

I don't want them to lose, I want them to be safe and not die in vain. We shouldn't be in Iraq, and all those poor young men and women who died have died needlessly, because of Bush and his greed.

this is one of my favorite troop tribute videos:


Seane-Anna said...

"because of Bush and his greed." Please, Jane. Just some more fanatical, leftard, Bush hatred. Could you please give me the proof that Bush profited from the Iraq War? And no, you can't use any left-wing sources.

As for the notion that you can support the troops while opposing the war, you're still wrong, Jane. How can you oppose a war while supporting the troops fighting THAT war? Answer: YOU CAN'T!!!! And I think you know that, Jane.

And I believe you when you say you're not a pacifist. Liberals aren't pacifists; they're not against war, they're against an American victory in war. Liberals NEVER march against the terrorists' war against America; they ONLY march against America's war against the terrorists. And now you're talking about Afghanistan being "unwinnable". Just some more liberal defeatism. The only sin for you people isn't war but America winning a war. That's sad AND unpatriotic.

And I doubt you're too unorganized to do a blog, Jane. I'm not organized at all. You should see my bedroom! If I can do it, you can do it; and you'd be GOOD at it! Your comments prove that.

Seane-Anna said...

Oh, and Jane, the link you gave to the YouTube video didn't work.

Jane said...


real quick, Yes you can support the troops but not the war. Your argument is illogical, look back to what I said.

And just copy and paste the video text into your browser it should take you there.

I'll be back tomorrow for answering Bush's greed but I have to go to bed.

Good night

Seane-Anna said...

Ok, got the video, and it was great! I wish I had a copy of every photo in it.

And as for your claim that my argument about supporting the troops is illogical, it's not. And yes, Jane, I did read what you said.

When I say "support the troops" I'm NOT talking about supporting them doing generic things like peace keeping missions or delivering aid, as you do. In the confines of this discussion when I say "support the troops" I mean supporting them IN THE ACT OF FIGHTING THE WAR. If you OPPOSE the war you CAN'T support the troops in fighting it. And if you don't support them fighting the war that can only mean you want them to lose.

Jane, what you liberals refuse to admit is that there are only two outcomes to any war: victory or defeat. If you oppose a war then you can't be for victory in that war. That means you're for defeat. And if you're for defeat you're against the troops fighting the war.

Jane, why don't you liberals just admit it. You want defeat for America in Iraq and you want defeat for America in Afghanistan. You "support" the troops in those theaters only to the extent that you can ensure they can't win. You want defeat. YOU WANT DEFEAT!!!! You are against American power, not war. Why don't you people just be honest about it?!

JMK said...

GREAT montage.

The U.S. Armed Forces are the world's best!