Monday, June 01, 2009

Politically Correct Murder

Yesterday, Kansas late term abortionist George "Tiller the baby killer" Tiller was gunned down while attending church. Today, two soldiers who'd just completed basic training were shot outside of a Little Rock, AR, military recruiting center. William Long, 24, died; Quinton Ezeagwula, 18, was wounded. Here are two shootings that can reasonably be called acts of domestic terrorism. Guess which killing will most outrage liberals? If you guessed the killing of the soldier, you're wrong.

Soldier William Long was shot to death in front of the Army/Navy Career Center by Abdulhakim Mujahid Muhammad, formerly Carlos Bledsoe. Police believe that Muhammad was religiously as well as politically motivated. With a name like Abdulhakim Mujahid Muhammad, y'think?

After Tiller's execution the Left immediately went into full rage mode. Blogs and the MSM, especially NBC and its cable network MSNBC, attacked virtually everyone right of center. Tiller's killing was called an act of "domestic conservative terrorism" and "Christian terrorism". The pro-life movement, predictably, was hung in virtual effigy and "The O'Reilly Factor" host Bill O'Reilly was blamed for the killing because he dared to expose Tiller's nefarious doings. For the Left, every opponent of abortion and every critic of Tiller is as guilty of his assassination as the man who actually did it. That's what happened after the shooting of George Tiller, late term abortionist.

And after the shooting of American soldier William Long? NOTHING. The Left was as silent as falling snow. Why? Because the murder of William Long was a politically correct murder. William Long was a white American soldier; his killer was a black American convert to Islam. For liberals the killing of an American by a Muslim is ok because they see Muslims as victims of America. The killing of an American soldier by a Muslim is even more acceptable to the Left. It fits into their whole "chickens coming home to roust" narrative.

Simply put, liberals love abortion and hate the American military. One less abortionist, and the prospect that more babies will be born as a result, horrifies them. But one less American soldier is just fine. It means one less cog in the imperialist American machine. So killing Pvt. William Long is acceptable to the Left. It may be murder but it's politically correct murder.


elwoodin said...

When it comes to our Military, the left loves to put out that they love the military, and would do anything for them, and then along comes something like this, their true colors show through, yet none of them seem to see it. Either shows total stupidity, or a firewall that keeps everything that they don't want, out.

Skunkfeathers said...

Only thing I have to add to this is, the killer of the soldier is deserving of the death penalty; and the Left will fight that tooth and nail, too.

'Nuff said on that.

JMK said...

As I've noted at many other times and in many places, this moral inconsistency on the part of most people, both Right and Left is a real cunundrum.

First we had the spectacle of an allegedly pro-LIFE person murdering a physician in Church.

Shortly after that, we had an adherent of "the religion of Peace" killing an Army recruiter.

Moral consistency seems all too rare today.

The Catholic Church has it - opposing abortion, most wars and Capital Punishment. They see ALL life as sacred.

I am morally consistent too. I support first trimester abortion (on the ground that bringing a child into a chaotic, dysfunctional, uncaring/unwanting environment is tantamount to child abuse), support Capital Punishment and just and necessary wars. To me, ALL life is not sacred.

The vast majority of people seem to be incredibly inconsistent on such issues.

conservative brother said...

I found it odd listening to people that attended the same church as tiller referring to him as a "good Christian man". Liberalism has infected the church just like everywhere else. What exactly is "Christian" when it comes to performing late term abortions? I'll probably be labeled a right wing extremist by the left for daring to ask a simple question.

Tapline said...

Great Post! You are so right. The left doesn't mind a childs brain being sucked out while in the uterus. This is an OK procedure to cut down on unwanted pregnancy and general population. I think this also leads into, the master race senerio and survival of the fittest, mentally at least. The ones who perform these procedures are praised, But the ones who provide freedom for this country and individual citizen are expendable....shameful that's what it is

Anonymous said...

I think you need to rely on more than one source of news before you write blog posts like this because what you said is very false. I'm assuming you got it from Bill O'Reilly who stated similar and equally false accusations.

Watch this video, one source among many showing "liberals" reporting this story.