Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Traditional Girl

Here's a poem/song I've been working on for the past few days. The words, and even a melody, started coming to me while I was at work. The poem is inspired by Miss California Carrie Prejean. As I'm sure you know, Miss Prejean has been the object of viscious personal attacks since declaring her support for traditional marriage during the Miss USA beauty pageant. I find Carrie Prejean's grace and bravery under pressure quite admirable. She is a role model for every believer in traditional values. The sentiments in my poem probably don't reflect what every traditionalist believes; that's not the point. I want this poem/song to encourage traditionalists, especially young ones like Miss Prejean. The culture isn't totally sold out to progressive, anti-Biblical values. We traditionalists are still in this fight. I'm using cultural ammo to fight a culture war, and I'm fighting to WIN!

"Traditional Girl"
by Seane-Anna

I walk the old paths
that they say are bad.
I read the Bible
and salute the flag.

I believe all that I earn
is my own.
The work of my hands
and to me it belongs.

And I know the Lord loves
the rich and the common.
And marriage is between
a man and a woman.
I stand on my first right
and say it out loud:
I'm a traditional girl
and I'm strong
and I'm proud!

The ways of tradition
were sent from above.
Like a child is best brought up
by his mother's love.
And the father stands firm
as the strength of the home.
And it's for him to bear arms
to protect his own.

And I know true beauty
shines out from within.
It's not found on newsstands
displaying bare skin.
I stand on my first right
and say it out loud:
I'm a traditional girl
and I'm strong
and I'm proud!

Charity leads us to
uplift the poor.
To teach them the way
how to famish no more.
Neighbor is better than
state at this part.
'Cause good's only good
when it comes from the heart.

And I know you can't spend
your way out of debt.
It's been tried before
and it hasn't worked yet.
I stand on my first right
and say it out loud:
I'm a traditional girl
and I'm strong
and I'm proud!

I believe my land's
the home of the good.
Established by brave men
who did what they should.

In danger their fortune
and honor they pledged.
And they left us a great law
that means what it says.

And I know those Fathers
are still our foundation.
And the blood of the brave
is the seed of the nation.
I stand on my first right
and say it out loud:
I'm a traditional girl
and I'm strong
and I'm proud!

A traditional girl
and I'm strong
and I'm proud!

There it is folks, my poem/song in defense of traditional values. I hope you like it and I hope it inspires you to stand as firmly and courageously for tradition as Carrie Prejean and others do.


Clifton B said...

Excellent poem Seane-Anne!
I can easily see this beoming the battle cry for the new feminists!

Skunkfeathers said...

Well said!

A couple days ago, a local radio talkshow was discussing Miss California's "moral dilemma", and why it never should have had to become one, save for the introduction of political correctness and the idea from the Left that "it's better to lie than to tell the truth and offend someone".

Not only is this a lie from the Left, it is a lie OF the Left, as they go out of their way to offend Christians, conservatives, the Military, et al, things they hate and despise. Of course, they had a champion of that hatred and despisement during the presidential campaign, when Barry demeaned folks in West Virginia for hanging on to their guns and religion.

Truth rocks. Time for the Left to get some.

Anonymous said...

Very glad your blog exists. You are part of the reason the liberals will be in control for many years to come.

Nate Silver figures many, many years.

wiseconservatism.com said...

Seane, this is a wonderful poem and it states so clearly what this nation has strayed so far from. With the likes of Anonymous, who as usual with a liberal who has to tear things down, *including America* they can't see that it is their ideas that are tearing this nation asunder.

They think that they are the true saviors of this nation and this world, but when they die, as they all will, they will find out they lived their lives just opposite of the way that they should have....and then God will tell them what to do......and they will not like it.
Your blog, like mine, and Political Pistachio and many many others are the true beacon's of what this country has to get back too, in order to survive the holocaust that is being prepared for us by the Democrats.

wiseconservatism.com said...

And another thing, Anonomous, you afraid to use your name? Most liberals are because deep down they know they are wrong.

WomanHonorThyself said...

put it to music and make a hit girl!!!

Roadhouse said...

Seane Anna,
I've never been much for beauty pageants, but Miss Prejean has found away to bring a little class to them for a change.

Does the length of time in power have anything at all to do with being right, constitutional, or a defender of freedom and liberty?

Does it have anything at all to do with slick marketing, a complicite media, and a gullible electorate that would rather beg for freebies than earn their own way through life?

Skunkfeathers said...

Liberals have always been nothing but 'fluff over substance', for they know their substance IS fluff. They need slick packaging, and disingenuous media hype to promote it, because the product NEVER SELLS ITSELF when the light of day reveals it as it is.

JMK said...

This IS an awesome poem Seane-Anna, very well written.

Traditionalism is still the predominant view in America and by a wide margin, though you'd never know that looking at our MSM.

Liberalism is indeed a mental disorder (a neurosis - emotional thinking) to be more specific.

That's why anonymous posted anonymously and it's why they don't make arguments, they merely snipe.

Tapline said...

seananne, It's been a while since I came this way......Great poem....You have insight....I think others are taking of their rose tinted glasses, but the constitutionalism,,,,They have to come full circle, because many of them think the Government owes them a living...The protestant work ethic is gone along with true history books in the classroom. Politically correct has ruined much this country was founded on and it continues today....keep strong....stay well.....

Clifton B said...

Anonymous is soooo FOS!
Latest Gallop polls show that America is now more pro gun than ever and more pro life than ever! That doesn't sound like wish washy conservatism or liberalism to me. Blog on girl!

JMK said...

"Anonymous is soooo FOS!
Latest Gallop polls show that America is now more pro gun than ever and more pro life than ever!"
(Clifton B)

The latest Rasmussen Poll has 51% of Americans opposing abortion, 42% supporting abortion, with 7% undecided...that is "didn't want to say".

On guns, even the Democrats have bailed on supporting more gun legislation!