Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Propaganda Not Truth

I can't believe what I saw on The O'Reilly Factor tonight. The Factor did a segment on a couple of political ads made by the liberal group MoveOn.org, and I couldn't believe how viscious, hate filled, and utterly dishonest they were. Oh, wait, I can believe it. After all, this is MoveOn.org we're talking about.

One of the ads was premised on a shameless distortion of John McCain's statement about America being in Iraq for 100 years. In the ad a hip young mother has her cute baby boy, Alex, on her lap. She talks lovingly about the baby for a minute then gets gravely serious when she tells McCain that he "can't have [Alex]" to send to Iraq. Come on!

McCain has explained what he meant by being in Iraq for 100 years. He was talking about America having a military presence there, similar to the ones we have in Germany, Japan, and South Korea. He was NOT talking about fighting in Iraq for a 100 years. MoveOn.org and the rest of the left knows that, yet they continue to engage in rank dishonesty in order to smear McCain and instill fear of Republicans in American voters. As bad as the Alex ad was, though, the second one was worse.

Ad number two was a stark revelation of how liberals really view Republicans/conservatives. In this ad the left's hatred toward the right was laid bare for all to see. The ad consisted of a series of people telling why they wanted to vote Republican. One was a soldier saying he wanted to vote Republican so he could stay in Iraq forever. Another was a toy gun wielding little boy who said he wanted to vote Republican so he could invade Iran. But the really offensive parts of this ad were the pastor and the white guy.

The pastor, sounding quite wicked, said he wanted to vote Republican because women had no right to make decisions about their own lives, ever. Of course, this was a reference to abortion. This part of the ad was premised on the notion that only Republicans are pro-life; it totally ignored the existence of pro-life Democrats. Yet there ARE pro-life Democrats, Senate majority leader Harry Reid being the most prominent example. But according to MoveOn.org's ad, being pro-life is a misogynist, Republican position. This reveals the progressives' disturbing attitude toward pro-life Dems: they shouldn't exist. What exactly should be done with pro-life Dems the ad doesn't say, but by portraying support for the unborn as a strictly Republican cause it's pretty clear that progressives don't want them in the party. Despite Reid's election as leader of Senate Democrats I suspect that pro-life Dems will soon feel a cold wind blowing. Can you say purge?

The white guy was next. What he had to say was the most offensive to me personally. The white guy said he wanted to vote Republican because he didn't want a cure for AIDS or breast cancer. Why not? Because the victims of those diseases were "just gays and women". I almost hit the tv when I heard that. My mother and grandmother both had breast cancer. Granny died after a heroic five year battle; Mama, thankfully, is a survivor. For some sanctimonious, far-left jerk to say that, because I vote Republican, I don't want a cure for the disease that killed my beloved grandmother is obscene beyond words.

This politicizing of compassion is one of the left's most despicable characteristics, and I'm not falling for it. I want a cure for breast cancer, but not because it primarily strikes women. I want a cure for AIDS, but not because it primarily strikes gays. Rather, I want a cure for these and all other deadly diseases because they strike people, and cause horrible suffering to my fellow man. Why should I want a cure for breast cancer more urgently than I want a cure for abdominal cancer, which killed my father? Is my father's death less tragic, less of a loss, because he was a man? Is heart disease, the number one killer in America, less worthy of a cure than AIDS simply because its victims aren't overwhelmingly gay? I think not.

The left-wing loons who made the ads described above just showed how much contempt for truth and the intelligence of the American people they really have. That's all their ads accomplished. John McCain has no intention of waging war in Iraq for 100 years; pro-lifers come in both Democrat and Republican flavors, and the desire to see mankind freed from the clutches of deadly illnesses transcends ideology. Americans know this. That many "progressives" apparently don't is frightening indeed. God help us.

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JMK said...

Seane-Anna, MoveOn, like Media Matters (another hate-site) is funded by George Soros)....Media Matters is run by the disreputable, slimy David Brock, while MoveOn is run and co-founded by Berkeley Liberals Wes Boyd and his wife, Joan Blades.

Soros has USED these pathetic people who really have no understanding of either economics or politics to advance his own agenda....a severe socialist one.

Soros is a vile, disgusting figure who uses America's freedoms to erode those freedoms.

Here's the irony Seane-Anna, Bill O'Reilly (reviled as a "Conservative commentator" by Media Matters) is actually a NY Liberal who opposes the death penalty, supports a guest-worker program, believes American-based oil companies are "ripping off their customers."

That should give everyone a good idea of just how faaaar LEFT the Soros stooges are!

The ads in question are despicable, as were the Bush morphing into Hitler ads of a few years back, or the "General Betray-us" ads of last year, BUT these ads, like these sites tend to appeal to idealistic College kids, not many, if any mainstream Americans.

GREAT piece Seane-Anna!