Thursday, June 19, 2008

Common Sense Comes To Washington

Finally, some common sense from a politician!

In this video Rep. Ted Poe (R-TX) gives the House a hilarious but spot on tongue lashing over its plan to force Americans to replace all of our incandescent light bulbs with fluorescent light bulbs. Mercury containing fluorescent light bulbs made in China, the country that gave us contaminated pet food and dangerous toys.

Rep. Poe does a terrific job exposing the utter stupidity of Congress' light bulb switching plan. And check out Tom Tancredo in the background. His reaction alone is worth the 5 minutes it takes to watch this video. So pull up a chair, relax, and watch in amazement as, for once, common sense comes to Washington.

(And when you're done here check out the miniature belly dancer on my blog Hammer Folk Woman. See what kind of "family values" THEY teach their kids.)


Anonymous said...

Good vid. F Global Warming. :D It's getting very silly.

DragonLady said...

Wow. It's good to know that someone in Congress has some sense. Shame there are so few.

JMK said...

That's a great video and Rep Poe is right, in that (1) these new light bulbs DO contain significant amounts of mercury (there's already a disposal problem in New York) and (2) they're made almost exclusively (to this point) in China.