Thursday, June 26, 2008

A Great Day For America!

Today is a great day for America. Today the Supreme Court ruled that the Second Amendment guarantees individuals the right to keep and bear arms. Gun rights activists will no longer have to argue this point when fighting gun grabbers trying to impose draconian gun control laws on Americans.

The ruling is the result of the Court reviewing Washington D.C.'s extreme handgun law which made it impossible for D.C. citizens to own a handgun legally. As is the case with all gun control laws, D.C.'s criminals had no problem getting handguns or any other kind of firearms. The capital has, and has had for a long time, one of the highest murder rates in the country. In fact, the lawsuit that ultimately came before the Court was filed by D.C. resident Dick Heller after the city denied his application to keep a handgun in his home for protection. "I'm thrilled I am now able to defend myself and my household in my home," Heller exclaimed upon hearing the ruling. Amen brother!

While affirming an individual's right to bear arms this ruling doesn't mean that all restrictions on gun ownership are now unconstitutional. Justice Antonin Scalia, in writing for the majority, stated that their decision in no way "cast[s] doubt on long-standing prohibitions on the possession of firearms by felons or the mentally ill, or [on] laws forbidding the carrying of firearms [into] sensitive places such as schools or government buildings." I suspect gun control advocates won't find that reassurring. Too bad.

Today the Supreme Court got one right, which is an all-too-rare occurrence. And it not only got the law right, it also got a worldview right. By striking down D.C's handgun ban and affirming the people's right to keep arms for personal protection, the Court was unmistakeably repudiating the loony left view that inanimate objects, e.g. guns, and not people cause crime. As mentioned above, Washington D.C.'s handgun ban did nothing to reduce crime. That's because crime originates in the hearts and minds of human beings, not in the objects they use to carry it out.

Blaming lifeless, will-less, tools for the anti-social ends to which they are put is the mother of all cop outs. Liberals cling to it, I believe, because it allows them to retain their utopian view of human nature. Being largely unChristian, liberals deny man's innate capacity for evil and instead blame evil on a corrupt environment. If that environment includes guns, this thinking goes, violent crime is the result. Remove the gun and, supposedly, the urge to commit crime vanishes as well. Crazy, I know. And five of the nine Supreme Court Justices know that, too. Thank God, and long live the Second Amendment!


Anonymous said...

You go girl. You are right. Today, the Supreme Court got it right......which is amazing after the several rulings that they bungled the last couple of times....Thank God they got this one right. Just wish it had been by a bigger margin.


Anonymous said...

Speak softly and carry a big stick. :D

I actually support the 2nd amendment too. In an ideal world, nobody would own a gun, but we're living in America, so.....

Actually, I heard that the Swiss own just as many guns PER CAPITA as Americans! So, this just proves once again that it's people who kill people --- not guns.

Uncle Joe said...

The second amendment is the cornerstone of everything in the constitution. I know a lot of people say the 2nd amendment is there so that people can defend themselves and hunt. However, that isn't what the founders had in mind. It exists for the security of a free state. Governments that fear citizens with guns are governments to be feared by citizens.

Gun related injuries and deaths may rise in Washington D.C. for the next year or so as a result of this ruling. But, that will only last until the law abiding citizens use their new guns to clean out the trash from defending themselves.

JMK said...

"Today the Supreme Court got one right, which is an all-too-rare occurrence." (Seane-Anna)

Sad, but true. So far this session, they're 2 and 2 in the major cases....GOOD on this one and the Exxon Valdez reduction, TERRIBLE on both Boumediene v Bush (allowing foreign terrorists access to U.S. civilian courts) and Kennedy v Louisianna (nixing the death penalty for child-rapers).

SEO Company said...

I think we all should be able to have a fully stocked Apache helicopter in our front yard if we can afford it.. Remember, it says right to bare arms.. As in armament, weapons & ammo.. It never puts any "reasonable" restriction on the amendment.. It was written as is.. Oh, yeah.. This is Jim from

See, I'm not a lib like you thought.