Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Frag The Traitors!!!!

Ok, I've had it! I've had it up to here with the left-wing, America hating scum infecting our nation and working overtime to destroy her from within. Whatever America's faults there was no excuse to curse her as "the greatest sin against God" as Barack Obama's spiritual mentor, Michael Pfleger, did at Obama's now former church. I can care less if Obama has finally quit Trinity United Church of Christ. The problem of leftist fifth columnists goes further than the loud mouths at TUCC.

The sad and frightening truth is that Michael Pfleger, Jeremiah Wright, Brian de Palma, Michael Moore, Bill Ayers, Ward Churchill and their ilk have infected every corner of American society. From the pulpit, in films, in classrooms, and in our streets these vermin systematically tear down our pride in our nation and ourselves and seek to infect us with a debilitating self-hatred. They rush to believe and disseminate the worst about America. They spit on our vets and military recruiters; they call our soldiers baby killers and portray them as raping, murdering thugs. They burn Old Glory but proudly carry the flags of our enemies through our streets. They teach our children that our president is another Hitler. They endlessly berate America for slavery but never praise her for ending it. Indeed, they won't recognize any of this nation's positive accomplishments , yet they have the audacity to call themselves patriots!

These left-wing malcontents are no patriots. They are fifth columnists embarked on a campaign of psychological sabotage meant to destroy our will to fight and thereby ensure victory for our enemies. They are ideological termites eating America from within. They are a political autoimmune disease attacking the very "body" that protects them. And they MUST BE STOPPED!!!!

When you join our armed forces you recite an oath that recognizes the existence of enemies "foreign and domestic". America has domestic enemies, and they are no less deadly than her foreign enemies. Consequently, our internal foes should meet the same end as our external ones. The time for debate has passed. The liberal fifth columnists won't be dissuaded by words; they are too entrenched and too dedicated for persuasion to work. A national cleansing has to take place. It's time for the radicals, for the bombers and the shooters and the kidnappers and the killers, to get a taste of their own medicine.

Don't frag an officer like the "peace" activists advised; rather, frag a "peace" activist. Frag a fifth columnist. Frag a traitor. Wait until after the election, so there won't be any negative blowback for the patriotic candidate, then take your pick. Personally, I think Michael Pfleger would be a good one to start with. But that's just my opinion. Whoever is first, I'll serenade his and all other "cleansings" with the immortal words of Queen: And another one gone, and another one gone, and another one bites the dust! Oh yeah!!


Anonymous said...

Come check my new post, you'll love it. :)

Anonymous said...

Hi. I'm back again. Actually, America is the most humanitarian nation in the world. If you ever get a hater, make them read this.

We are very rarely give the credit we deserve. Do these people not realize that they're pushing moderates to the uhh.... right of center?

Yes, you're right. Americans like Al Gore and Michael Moore et al have crushed us. They are both liars! And people in other countries eat this stuff up like a dog with a bone. It's sickening.

Another blogger submitted a very touching and heart warming story written by an Australian mama who's son is in Afghanistan. You can read it here.

Keep fighting the good fight, chika!

mish.tragic said...

I use to be a peace activist. I use to believe that peace was the solution. However, I learnt that peace is not freedom, and the the two do not in fact go hand in hand.

As it is said, freedom is paid for with the blood of patriots.

This may get me a slap, but lets take Tibet as an example. Here you have a leader who is exiled from his own country, his people being killed on a daily basis, their culture and land raped and pillaged. Don't get me wrong, I have much respect for the Deli Lama, I've read many of his books and watched many of his speeches and debates. However, if peace is the answer, why then is he and his people in such a desperate situation?

Possibly because peace is not freedom.

Freedom is not something which can be handed to you, it is not something you can buy down at the corner store, and you don't win it on a reality TV show.

I think that people need to realize there IS a difference between peace and freedom. And that if they value their freedom, then they need to take a very serious look at the issues and people who are trying to take their freedom from them.

Thank you for your comment, I most definitely look forward to reading more of your posts.

Anonymous said...

America is a country, that shows humanity to everyone, even our enemies, even when our enemy is trying to kill us. Like virgomonkey said.....America is the most humanitarian nation in the world. We automatically send money to countries when something like a tsunami hits, or when floods hit, or when a natural disater hits. We do not question their political leanings, or what they think of us....we just help. CAN any other country in the world say the same things? I think not. Great Post girl. Love the rant.


JMK said...

A great post Seane-Anna, I've felt the same frustration many times.

Liberals are vile in so many ways, but one of the most disgusting is their misuse of the term "freedom."

America was NOT forged on the "freedom"/LICENSE that liberals espouse - "Everyone should be free to do whatever they want....so long as they don't harm anyone else."

America WAS forged on the "freedom"/LIBERTY that America's Founders espoused - the grinding weight of full self-ownership and personal responsibility.

Yet, everywhere Liberals hide behind the "freedom' as license to undermine LIBERTY.

Liberals revile private property and individualism and support ever more intervention and control BY government - there is NOTHING more sinister or evil than that.

You're right about the "enemy within," Seane-Anna, I've said long ago that the American far-Left is MORE dangerous than the Islamo-fascists themselves.

JMK said...

GREAT responses by virgomonkey!

Great blog; http://virgomonkey.wordpress.com/

"I use to be a peace activist. I use to believe that peace was the solution. However, I learnt that peace is not freedom, and the the two do not in fact go hand in hand.

"As it is said, freedom is paid for with the blood of patriots." (mish.tragic)
That is one of the most valuable lessons ANYONE can learn.

Tapline said...

Seane, good post....You hit the nail on the head. I only wish the ones that sold this country down the river were held accountable, from the MSM to the politicians....and those who swore an oath of not to reveal information....traitors all....stay well..

Seane-Anna said...

Hey Tap! Glad to hear from you. When are you going to be back on your blog?