Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Joe Horne: Hero

By now most people know who Joe Horne is. In case you don't he's the Houston guy who shot and killed two burglars breaking into his neighbor's home. Mr. Horne is now waiting to see if any charges will be filed against him. And race has become a factor. Mr. Horne is White and the thugs he killed were Black and that doesn't sit well with the new Black Panthers and others who rallied outside Horne's home today.

I wish Blacks would get as upset about Blacks committing crime as they do about Whites shooting Blacks committing crime. As a Black person I'm fed up with the acceptance by many in my community of criminal behaviour by our males. I reject the prevalent belief that Black crime is the fault of White people and/or White society. The men who broke into Joe Horne's neighbor's home chose to do it. Whitey didn't make them. And now they've paid for their choice with their lives. Perhaps if there was less mourning for criminals by Blacks, and more disgust instead, fewer of our young men would choose lives of crime.

But even without the race angle many bleeding hearts would be outraged at Joe Horne's act. They already hate guns and no doubt view Mr. Horne as a gun-wielding vigilante. He had no right to make himself judge, jury, and executioner. While I agree that people can't be allowed to take the law into their own hands, I fiercely oppose the notion that crime should be a risk-free venture. Policemen, soldiers, and firemen all face risks inherent to their jobs, but criminals don't have to? Puh-leeze!!!

Criminals should realize that their "career" carries the very real risk of death. Thugs should know that they have no right to expect non-resistance from the normal folks they terrorize. The two creatures gunned down by Mr. Horne would still be alive if they'd chosen work over burglary. So the ultimate responsibility for their deaths lies with them, even if they were Black. And that's why I say Joe Horne is a hero.


JMK said...

WoW! I just posted a piece about both Joe Horn and Shannon Edmonds (the California man who shot two intruders in his home)...and indeed Joe Horn IS a hero!

To be fair, it's SOME blacks and SOME whites who don't get it. I have no doubt that there are black homeowners who'd have done the same thing and I'm certain that at least the same white "ACLU types" would be defending the white thugs in that case...I have my doubts about groups like "the New Black Panther Party" and other such misanthropic groups.

It's also entirely possible that had a black homeowner shot and killed two white thugs, that some despicable white groups (Aryan nation types, etc) may well have protested the shootings as well.

Scumbags are scumbags regardless of color. Still, that said, it's sad that blacks are so often manipulated by the media and "interest groups" to lament or otherwise side with or defend black thugs. It often appears very much like the media's playing games with gullible blacks to see if they can get them to lionize the most debased among them. I've come to expect nothing less from some of our Ivy Leagued scum.

The bottomline, in BOTH cases, the homeowner protected life & property.

Joe Horn's actions COULD HAVE very possibly saved lives! If those two goons had come upon an unsuspecting homeowner alone, they may well have engaged in rape &/or homicide, if given half a chance.

Joe Horn should be given the keys to the city, NOT a day before a Grand Jury!

Great blog piece.

RightGirl said...

Indeed. We have the same lib bleeding hearts up here in Canuckistan. Toronto seems to be in the grip of Jamaican hunting season, and the problem appears to be (the inanimate) guns and social exclusion. Uh huh. Has nothing to do with the GANGS, or the fatherless kids who grow up wanting to be accepted by the older boys... There is an incredible blind spot where it comes to allowing blacks (yes, ALLOWING) to commit crimes. I don't get it, but I do see that it keeps the race pimps and the poverty pimps in business decade after decade.


Jason said...

poorgirl, believe it or not, this godless liberal "anti-christian bigot" agrees with you that this guy is indeed a hero. It has nothing to do with race. This has to do with a private citizen who protected his neighbors and took a bite out of crime. I heard his 911 calls last week on Howard Stern and I wish I had a neighbor like that.

That said, I still think groups like the Catholic League and Focus on Family are a bunch of theocratic jackasses. Isn't it great to be able to disagree about some things and agree on others?

PoorGrrl said...

Jason, I almost don't belief that you agree with me. It's refreshing to see a liberal who gets it once in a while. But just why do you have so much hate for the Catholic League and Focus on the Family? Do you think Christians are just supposed to sit around and let themselves be mocked and maligned by people like you?

heidianne jackson said...

poor girl. what a GREAT site you have here. thank you so much for the honor being placed on your blogroll, i will (of course) return the favor. and i'll be back. thanks!

btw, i agree with you and jmk on this issue. and jason, i'd love to have a neighbor like him, too.

Jason said...

This isn't a liberal vs conservative issue. It's one of common sense. My problems with these religious groups is that they want to push their beliefs in my face yet have no respect for my beliefs. That's pretty much my issue with just about every religious group out there. Believe what you want, practice what you want, and leave other people the hell out of it!

WomanHonorThyself said...

what a brave post girl!..sad how criminals have more rights than victims eh!

Debbie said...

These two illegals were Columbian, or so I heard on the news today. You make a great point about the Blacks getting so upset though.

(p.s. If you want me to mail you my copy of the book Culturism, I will be happy to do so. It's autographed by the author, so if you want to mail it back to me I can send you a Book Rate postage label with the book. Email me and let me know. I'm happy to send it to you if you can't find one in the library.

Right Truth

Debbie said...

Oops, forgot to give you my email.