Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Thank a Soldier Week

Hello people. Sorry I've been away for three days. The job's taking up my time like I knew it would plus, I've started a second blog called God and Me where I'll be writing about my love/hate relationship with the Deity. I've only written two posts on it so far, but it's taking up a lot of the thinking time that normally would've gone to PGZ. Check it out, if you want, at http://divinemusings.blogspot.com and tell me what you think. Now down to business.

While surfing the net a few days ago, I came across this website: www.thankasoldierweek.com. It's a site that provides different ways to thank a soldier during the week of Dec.19-25. I'm asking everyone who drops by my blog to please take the time to visit this site and thank a soldier. Also, spread the word through your own blogs, word of mouth, e-mail, etc. Our soldiers are fighting and dying for us. It's time we showed them a little appreciation. We, the American people, need to let them know that there are folks back home who think they're doing something more than "dying for nothing", as certain people who get all the media limelight like to say. So stop by the website, get the info, and show our troops that there are Americans who really support them.

Thanks, and God bless!

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