Friday, January 04, 2013

An Omen for America


It means "light breeze" in Icelandic, and it's what a mother in Iceland has been calling her daughter for the past fifteen years.  The problem?  The government of Iceland didn't approve the name so, for her entire life, young Blaer has been identified as stulka or "girl" on all official documents.  Now she's suing the Icelandic government for the right to legally use her name.  What does this have to do with America?  Why is this an omen?  Here's why.

In the article on this story I was struck by a sentence which described Icelanders as being "comfortable with a firm state role" (emphasis added) in their lives and therefore not inclined to question the government's right to control what they can name their children.  That is exactly the kind of submissive populace that Obama and the secular progressives want to create in America.  They want and need a people "comfortable with a firm state role" because they believe state control is fundamental to realizing their version of a compassionate and just society.

Americans need to become comfortable with the government telling them what guns they can own, what light bulbs they can use, what kind of cars they can drive, even what size soda they can buy in a restaurant.  Such comfort will make it easier for secular progressives and their president to concentrate more and more power in government,  especially the federal  government.  As Americans become more submissive to and dependent upon the state, looking to it for their sustenance, they will give their votes to the party doling out the goodies, ensuring it permanent political power.  And that's the end game; creating permanent power for the Democratic party and making America a one party dictatorship.  All for the common good, of course.

But now there's little Blaer, daring to oppose the statist do-gooders in her tiny country.  She's "prepared to take her case all the way to [Iceland's] Supreme Court" to protect her "basic human right" to have the name her mother, not the state, chose for her.  A name she likes as much as she likes freedom.  Her court case is an omen for America but also an inspiration.  If a teenage girl can fight to keep the state at bay, so can we.  So can anyone.  Thank you, Blaer.

Are you listening, America?


Anonymous said...

It would have been neat to see the link for this article....but you are so right here. Tiny Blaer in Iceland is showing us Americans what we need to start doing to save this great country. It takes nothing more than that. Get one doing it....someone else will catch on, and then more and more will react the right way...and voila. Freedom returns and we have started our steps back to having it. Keep going the way we are, and soon our government will be telling you what to name your children. They are already telling you what lightbulbs to buy and what kind of cars are acceptable, aren't they?

Skunkfeathers said...

We hear you, Blaer. And we stand with you, and against the marxists, both in Iceland AND here.

Roadhouse said...

Howdy Seane-Anna, Remember me? It's ironic that America has come to place where France is taking a tougher stance against Islamic radicals than we are, and Icelanders are reminding us what liberty is. All the while we can't seem to forfite our own rights and soverignty fast enough.

As the world turns.