Tuesday, January 01, 2013

The Year of No Fear

It's here.  2013.

Today, Tuesday, January 1st begins a new year for the world and, for us Americans, the start of the second term for the Obama regime, and a regime it is.

In the final days of 2012 the Obama Supreme Court ruled against the religious freedom of the Green family, owners of the crafts store Hobby Lobby (and the office supply store Mardel's).  The Greens, devout, pro-life Christians, sought a religious exemption to Obamacare's HHS mandate which requires businesses to pay for contraception, including abortion-inducing drugs, in their employee insurance packages.  They also sought an injunction against the enforcement of the mandate pending their court fight.  Obama Supreme Court judge Sotomayor refused, meaning Hobby Lobby has to comply with the mandate or face millions of dollars in fines.  The Greens are standing their ground even though it could put them out of business.  They are committed to their faith.  I greatly admire the Green family but they are only the beginning of the Obama regime's assault on our constitutional freedoms.  Gun owners are next.

In the wake of the horrific massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary school Obama and his leftist cohorts are gearing up to go after our Second Amendment rights.  Of course, they're claiming they just want "common sense" gun control to "protect the children", but we know what that really means.  Obama's victory in the presidential election last November has emboldened him and we can expect him to start revealing just how far left he really is.  We conservatives have to man up and stop him.

For far too long we conservatives have been afraid, yes, afraid to stand up for our values and beliefs to the fullest.  We have lived in abject terror of being branded racist, sexist, extremist, bigoted, intolerant, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamophobic, etc. by the left.  Those words have been their most potent weapons against us, wielded from their pulpits in academia, media, and entertainment.  The result has been that we conservatives have too often censored ourselves, modified our beliefs, hemmed and hawed, or did nothing when the times screamed for our action.  NO MORE!!!!

We are in a new year, 2013.  It will be the year of no fear.  There is too much at stake for us to be controlled by fear.  Yes, leftists will continue to war against us with all the ferocity that they always have, counting on our fear to paralyze us at crucial moments.  That must not happen.  The Obama regime is poised to transform our beloved nation into a government dominated, socialist, welfare state.  That will be the death of America.  We cannot let that happen!  Courage must now be the blood that flows through our veins.  Courage and cunning and absolute faith that we are RIGHT.  Nothing else, nothing less will save our great Republic.  Lock and load, conservatives; it's time to fight!

Happy New Year.  NO FEAR!!!!

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Anonymous said...

LOCK AND LOAD is right. We have got to stop and look at what the democrats have done. NO BUDGETS FOR 4 years almost in the Senate, and they are trying to tell us we are wrong? They have been the criminals in this whole fight...not us. So we have to stop cringing and start standing up for our values...because we are right....they are wrong. Plain and simple