Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Wake Up, Conservatives!

Yes, MSNBC's weekend anchor, Melissa Harris-Perry, is a socialist nut.  That truth was on full display in her outrageous statement that Americans need to abandon their "private notion that children belong to their parents" and embrace the enlightened "recognition that kids belong to whole communities".  Yes, this is liberal-left craziness, but why are so many conservatives acting like this is a new revelation?

The belief that children belong to the state, euphemistically referred to as "communities" by Ms. Harris-Perry, is a fundamental principle of the left.  In 1996 then First Lady Hillary Clinton wrote a best-selling book, It Takes A Village, promoting the theme.  From suppporting state-funded day care to demanding no-say-from-parents abortions for minors, liberals have been putting their collectivist vision of childrearing into practice for decades.  It is nothing new.  Yet conservatives are acting like some new, horrible radicalism was expressed by Harris-Perry in her April 8 promo for her Sunday morning show. 

Maybe it was the sheer bluntness of her statement that really shocked conservatives.  Liberals speak in so much code and play so many Orwellian word games that hearing Harris-Perry unequivocally advocate collective childrearing was unusually disturbing.  Whatever it was, conservatives need to pull themselves together and realize that this has been the belief of the enemy all along.

That conservatives are so shocked about something that's been painfully obvious for decades is what I find disturbing.  If this is how firm their grasp on reality is then no wonder they're losing both politically and in the culture.  Conservatives have to abandon their will to disbelieve and see liberalism for what it really is.  The first step to victory is to face reality, no matter how uncomfortable, painful, or shocking it may be.  If conservatives can't do that then they should get out of the way and give the fight to more determined rightists.  America deserves that, don't you think?


Skunkfeathers said...

100% on point and factual as always, SA. The libs are truly out to loot the Constitution and substitute a marxist state in its place, and always have been. They're just becoming more and more blatant, particularly with the worst potus in history -- and first true marxist they've managed to foist on us. I'm surprised by not one freak show thing the libs do or say.

Seane-Anna said...

Thanks for the kind words, Skunky!