Saturday, October 10, 2009

Quotable Quotes: On Patriotism

"When the going gets tough...Americans show up." Glenn Beck on The Glenn Beck Show, Oct. 10, 2009


Robert Garding said...

Now isn't that the truth.......

Skunkfeathers said... the Japanese found out on December 7, 1941, it don't pay to piss off Americans. Libs haven't figured it out yet, but are slowly starting to.

JMK said...

True enough....these are the best of times for building Conservative momentum.

Rasmussen's latest poll shows Americans identifying as Conservative or Very Conservative at 40% (up from a low of 37% in 2004) compared to those self-identifying as liberal at 21% (16% somewhat liberal and ONLY 5% at very liberal)....this is still a center-Right populace and Conservatives outnumber liberals in ALL 50 States!


Jane said...


doesn't matter, most Americans who identify themselves as Conservative would never fit into the radical right wing philosophy of the Republican party. There are only four states in the US that are solidly red. There are more democrats than republicans in the US and those numbers are growing.

If things keep going the way they are Texas will be a solid blue state in a few years.

Skunkfeathers said...

Jane's dillusional, as usual. She'll come up with some fairy tale to explain why Democrats predominate, but lost a crapload of seats in the House in '10 (it's because their policies, and dishonest approach to achieving them, suck).

Get better drugs, Jane.

Roadhouse said...

There was a time in history when Germans bragged about the overwhelming numbers in the Nazi party. That didn't make them right...just gullible. You are the company you keep.
When the reality of unintended liberal consequences catches up to you, you won't feel much like bragging.

JMK said...

"doesn't matter, most Americans who identify themselves as Conservative would never fit into the radical right wing philosophy of the Republican party." (jane)
I'm a "Zell Miller Democrat" and I'm more Conservative than most Republicans jane....and I'm not at all "extreme" or "out of place" among police, Fire and Construction workers.

Fact is Conservatives number 40% and growing and Liberals are at 21% and waning....AND more of the Independents that went Democrat in 2008 (because they believed that Obama "would cut taxes and reduce the Bush-Pelosi-Reid spending") are now going heavily Right, by better than 2 to 1!

Worse yet for the Party I'm registered to (I've been a lifelong registered Democrat) is that the Dems have 49 seats in districts won by John McCain up for re-election in 2010 and 78 seats in largely Conservative districts that went for G W Bush in 2004 &/or McCain in 2008 up in 2010.

That's a scary proposition for Liberal Democrats.

What the Democratic Party needs is to jettison its Left-wing and re-connect with white working-class me and the millions of other "Zell Miller Democrats."

Although I am a registered Democrat, I'm MORE Conservative than most Republicans.

I'd not only expand the death penalty (using it for repeat child-rapists and others), I'd vary the manner in which it's delivered. As an example, a rape/murder would result in that perpetrator getting raped and murdered in the same way....a sought of updated Hamurabi's Law.

While I'd bet few Republican pols would embrace that, I'd bet that I could win on that agenda alone in many, MANY parts of this country!

I'd bet even YOU'D vote me if I ran on a platform that included that!

Skunkfeathers said...

JMK, I wouldn't have guessed that about you. But then, you recall for me a time -- I'll go back to the late 1960s -- when, even as a Republican family, there were Democrats of prominence who didn't scare me. Democrats who, to be sure, had some weird notions about taxes and the size of government; but when it came to national defense, they were as hawkish about it as any Republican.

Then, you didn't get the feeling that the nation was at risk from international threats, from either side, except from the extremes in either party (McGovern, for example).

Today's Democrat Party has deteriorated to the point of why Zell Miller denounced it in '04. Where are the Zell Millers and the Scoop Jacksons in the Democrat Party today?

That's a party that is desperate for more Zell Millers, and less Dick Durbins, Harry Reids and Chuckie Schumers. And it's even worse on the House side.

Maintain your firm, logical voice, JMK.

JMK said...

"JMK, I wouldn't have guessed that about you." (ZF)
Well, I was born and raised in New York. My Dad's side of the family was old Tammany Hall father wasn't political at all.

Only one in his family.

I registered in NYC as a Democrat because the Democrat Primary was the only one worth voting in in that city.

Staten Island is an odd place politically. ALL politics is ethnic....the Irish are the Democrats and the Italians the Republicans.

As luck would have it, I'm half Irish and half Italian....(Northern Italian....they fought their own Communist Revolution and defeated in the late 1880s and then many of them joined the German Firekorps to help Germany defeat its Communist Revolution right after WW I).

So, I've never voted for a Democrat for national office and I began voting in (gulp!) 1972 at the age of 18.....yeah, I'm 55 today!

Today, less than 41% of all Democrats self-identify as Liberal...the Blue Dogs are a growing number in that Party.