Thursday, October 08, 2009

Are You Liberal Or Conservative?

This is a cool post I found on the Independent Thinkers Lounge blog. I asked the author, Southern Sage, if I could put this post here and he said yes. Have a look see and find out if you're a liberal or a conservative.

Are You Liberal Or Conservatie?

The truest comparison I have ever seen!

If a conservative doesn't like guns, he doesn't buy one.
If a liberal doesn't like guns,he wants all guns outlawed.

If a conservative is a vegetarian, he doesn't eat meat.
If a liberal is a vegetarian, he wants all meat products banned for everyone.

If a conservative sees a foreign threat, he thinks about how to defeat his enemy.
A liberal wonders how to surrender gracefully and still look good.

If a conservative is homosexual, he quietly leads his life.
If a liberal is homosexual, he demands legislated respect.

If a black or Hispanic man is conservative, he sees himself as independently successful. His liberal counterpart sees himself as a victim in need of government protection.

If a conservative is down-and-out, he thinks about how to better his situation.
A liberal wonders who's going to take care of him.

If a conservative doesn't like a talk show host, he switches channels.
Liberals demand that those they don't like be shut down.

If a conservative is a non-believer, he doesn't go to church.
A liberal non-believer wants any mention of God and religion silenced. (Unless it's a foreign religion, of course!)

Ifa conservative decides he needs health care, he goes about shopping for it, or may choose a job that provides it.
A liberal demands that the rest of us pay for his.

If a conservative slips and falls in a store, he gets up, laughs and is embarrassed.
If a liberal slips and falls, he grabs his neck, moans like he's in labor and then sues.

If a conservative reads this, he'll send it to his friends and they'll have a good laugh. A liberal won't delete it because he's "offended", he will cry and piss himself and lay in the fetal position in his own urine for the rest of the day because that's what liberals do.

Hope all's well!

Originally published on Independent Thinkers Lounge on 6-10-'09

Pretty cool post, huh? Thanks for letting me use it, Southern Sage! And as you all know, I'm conservative. YEAH!!!!


Skunkfeathers said...

One of your conservative visitors laughs, gives two thumbs up, and notes the great deal of truth mixed with humor.

One of your liberal detractors will denounce this, call it Fox News lies, call you a child and all your commenters stupid, and then go assume the position described at the end and be offended.

See what I just did there? ;)

Tom said...

Great list, although I imagine the Liberals will find some way to blame the list on Bush...

Anonymous said...

LOL@ your readers! perfect. Don't give me to much credit for this I pasted it from an email!

Don't be a stranger!

ben said...

Nice list. Boy, that list could be made so much longer. said...

When a liberal sees a foreign threat, he or she automatically believes the US did something wrong that created the enemy, and must beg for forgiveness.

Tapline said...

Don't know how I missed this going through my Blogspots,but.....Even though it was copied..It was great...stay well.....

Anonymous said...

Most definitely, I am a Conservative. Another one is this. If a Conservative starts a business, and it doesn't work out, he goes to work doing something else to support his family or him/her.

A liberal, starts a business and it doesn't work, goes to the government and expects them to bail him out.

Anonymous said...

Ooooh ooooh...another one!

If a Conservative needs money, he/she goes to work to make it.

If a Liberal needs work, he/she stands in line to wait for free obamamoney. (IE: Detroit this last week)

JMK said...

I got the same email from a fellow fireman (P McC)...great guy...and a GREAT can be added to endlessly, as liberals DO tend to be control freaks, while Conservatives tend to be individualists.

It's important to note that the strenghts of the Conservative position in LIFE are weaknesses in the realm of politics.

Recently Newt Gingrich lamented the dirth of Conservative participation in ther political spectrum (until recently and aside from the Tea Parties....he is right).....Conservative individualists generally go about making their own lives better and while that does greatly benefit others, that is not a deliberate intention of those just working and producing day-by-day.

If Conservatism is going to prevail more Conservatives will HAVE TO get involved in REAL CHANGE...fighting to greatly LIMIT and SHRINK the federal government and RE-restrict its powers AND make governance far more LOCAL and accountable to the people.

GREAT post Seane-Anna.