Thursday, September 10, 2009

"You Lie!"


I didn't watch Barack Obama's puhleeeeez-support-my-health-care--plan! speech last night. I just wasn't in the mood for another smarmy "charm" offensive from Dear Leader. Imagine my pleasant surprise when I learned on the radio this afternoon about Rep. Joe Wilson's (R-SC) spot on "outburst" during Obama's monologue. For those of you who don't know--and I can't imagine who you would be--Rep. Wilson shouted out, "You lie!", when Obama claimed his health care plan wouldn't cover illegal aliens. Again, I say YEAH!

Rep. Wilson has apologized for his words, saying that his emotions got the better of him, but he has nothing to be sorry for. He was right. He said what a lot of us are thinking. Someone needs to shout, "You lie!", every time Barack Obama opens his mouth. Liberals, predictably, have criticized Rep. Wilson but they are in no moral position to do so. They claim that the debate over health care should be civil and, again, they're in no moral position to do so. Liberals now shout, "Decorum! Decorum!", forgetting that they had no use for decorum! when George W. Bush was president. Their hypocrisy is shameless.

Rep. Joe Wilson did the nation a great favor. His spontaneous act exposed the double standard exploited by leftists in all segments of society. If there's going to be civility in our national debates it has to be practiced by BOTH sides. Unilateral civility is the political equivalent of unilateral disarmament, which is way liberals want conservatives to engage in it. WE MUST NOT! If liberals truly want civil debate they should prove it by apologizing for the visciousness they traded in during Bush's presidency. Of course, that's not going to happen. We, then, have no obligation to uphold a standard liberals' glibly ditch when it doesn't serve their purpose. Joe Wilson spoke the truth at exactly the right time. No mea culpa is in order. Obama lied. Wilson called him on it. Now, lefties, get over it.

Free speech is beautiful!


Skunkfeathers said...

Yes, Jane's libtard friends thought it just and patriotic to call President Bush stupid, a liar, Hitler, and even defend writing a book justifying assassinating him. Now, concerned citizens who turn up at townhall meetings and dare to ask substantive questions about HR 3200 are branded Nazis by Bela Pelosi and her odious, hypocritical ilk. Protest was the highest form of patriotism, according to HRC, but ONLY when it was libs doing the protesting.

Rep. Wilson did break congressional rules, and probably didn't help the cause by his direct act. But he was right; Barry IS a liar, and on more things than can be counted. And a lot of Americans are better understanding why former Democrat Senator Zell Miller of Georgia wrote the book, A National Party No More, about the moral, ethical, and corrupt decay of the Democrat Party.

Voter remorse is in full swing, and a backlash against libs is coming in November '10 at the polls, SEIU thugs and ACORN's criminality aside.

Jane said...

Unfortunaely for Mr. Wilson and You and Skunky is that it says specifically in the plan that the Bill won't cover illegal immigrants, so he picked the wrong time to make an outburst.

The funniest part about this is that you defend Wilson for shouting, but then immediately criticize liberals for doing something even remotely similar.

My final note is on this: "Someone needs to shout you lie whenever Obama opens his mouth." Wonderful attitude and speaks volumes about you. Whatever he says no matter what it is or how well thought out you will always make these posts shouting it down. You don't want debate, you want to shout. lol, at least you'll always have Skunky here to compliment you no matter how moronic your posts are.

Skunkfeathers said...

Ah, Jane, you crawled out from under your indoctrinaire rock. Glad to have you stop by and screw up facts and history yet again.

Start up your own blog yet? I'm sure it's a corker with ACORN and Al Qaida.

Seane-Anna said...

Janey-cakes, you must attend some sort of class to learn how to twist anything a conservative says into a pretzel you can then use to advance your libtard cause.

Jane, you know what I said in my post. I did NOT criticize libtards like yourself for being hateful against Bush. What I condemned was you libtards' HYPOCRISY in attacking ANY criticism of Obama while conveniently forgetting the vitriol you flung at Bush.

I suggested that liberals apologize for their virulent anti-Bush hatred because such an apology would establish the sincerity of their current clarion calls for civility. I then said that since such an apology is not coming we conservatives should feel no need to submit to a standard of civil debate that liberals don't apply to themselves. That's not hard for anyone, even you Jane, to understand. You just CHOSE not to.

Jane, you are the epitome of the liberal hypocrisy I condemned in my post. I will remind you, and everyone else, yet again of what you said. Jane, YOU said that criticizing the country was the ONLY way to be a good citizen. YOU SAID THAT! Now you have the nerve to be outraged at heated criticism of Obama. And then you pretend there's not an ounce of hypocrisy there. You have to be learning that kind of duplicity somewhere. I shudder to think it's natural to you. But it probably is.

Roadhouse said...

I hate to hit you with the truth (yet again), but unlike you, Mr. Wilson has seen the big picture. He has seen the Democrat Congress vote down ammendments to the bill that specificly deny coverage to illegals. He has heard the pro-illegal coverage rhetoric on the floor of Congress and in the media (Maxine Waters comes to mind).

But please, don't take our word for it, do a search of the Congressional record for yourself, and listen to Maxine's own words on You-Tube.

If you dare.