Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Deliver Us, Obama!

For all you liberals who scoff at the notion that you've turned Obama into a messiah, you're right. You've actually turned him into God Himself, ready to hear the pleas of His devoted worshippers. Don't think so? Then have a look at this shocking video of heretical, leftist "Christians" calling out to Obama to "deliver" them. This is so creepy that I'm tempted to believe it might've been staged. But these are liberals so it's probably all too real.

Gee, who knew that Martin Luther King was a prophet? This stuff is reminiscent of Jim Jones and the People's Temple. Jones taught the same Marxist, liberationist, "Christianity" that we catch a glimpse of in this video. This is also the "Christianity" Obama was steeped in for twenty years. That's a scary thought. I'm sooooooo glad I didn't vote for that guy!


Skunkfeathers said...

Oh whoops..Rev Barry flopped on deliverin' the '16 Olympics. Good thing he put valuable time, money and energy into that, and all the sacrifice he and 'shell throwd down in ol' Copenhagen. No priorities higher. None. Nada.

I think he got hissef a hitch in his teleprompter giddyup h'yar...

elwoodin said...

Glad I could show you this video....and you are is scary stuff. And totally reminecient of Obama and the Trinity Church with Jeremiah Wright at the pulpit. America's chickens....have come roost. I was so happy to see the great ego of Obama take a crash the other day...something that couldn't have happened to a more deserving moron.

Adam said...

i just replied to your comment on my recent post.

Anonymous said...

Are you really that stupid. I hope this all a joke, because you are,a big one. I know you live with your mama does she feel the same way as you?

Fed up

Seane-Anna said...

Anonymous, if you're fed up don't come here anymore.

Skunkfeathers said...

LMAO at anonymous.

Adam Lee said...

I think you'll like this:

Jane said...

"What We Can Learn From The Munchkins

Last night I watched "The Wizard of Oz" for the first time in years and while I was enjoying the film it suddenly occurred to me that this movie can actually teach us something. I realized that during the scene where Dorothy first arrives in Oz. As you may recall, Dorothy's house is picked up by a tornado and dropped into Munchkinland, falling on the wicked witch of the east (WWE) and killing her. After being reassured by Glenda, the good witch of the north, that Dorothy is not a witch herself the Munchkins emerge from hiding and begin thanking Dorothy for killing the wicked witch of the east. Then they start wondering if the WWE is really dead and then start rejoicing when it's confirmed that she is. The cute little Munchkins sing gleefully over the WWE's demise. It's really quite morbid...and informative.

The Munchkins rejoiced over the death of their enemy. And they were totally unashamed and unapologetic about it, and therein lies the lesson. We should be the same way about the defeat, destruction, and/or death of OUR enemies, from the Reds to the sand Nazis. Every time we blow al-Qaeda operatives to hell we should dance in the streets. Every time Israel scores against Hamas scum we should dance in the streets. When our great troops overthrew the mad tyrant Saddam Husein we should've danced in the streets. When our great troops kicked jihadi ass in Fallujah we should've danced in the streets. When our enemies are destroyed; when our enemies are defeated; when our enemies are scattered before us, WE SHOULD DANCE IN THE STREETS!!!!

Such sentiment is anathema to the PC whipped, left-wing, "peace" crowd. For those people, to achieve victory over our enemies, to kill them and be happy about it, is THE unforgivable sin. And it has nothing to do with hating war. The "peace" crowd is opposed to and appalled by victory, and any celebration thereof, because they are against America not war. This crowd subscribes to a worldview that casts America as uniquely guilty and, consequently, undeserving of the moral right to be right. That's why America winning is so repugnant to them. These people need to be tread under by tanks just like our enemies, because that is exactly what they are.

It's time to kick the "peace" crowd to the curb and follow the example of the adorable Munchkins. They raised their sweet, innocent voices in praise of their enemy's demise and so should we. And this was no quick, painless death they were celebrating. The wicked witch of the east was CRUSHED to death. Yet a joyous cry went out in Munchkinland: Ding! Dong! The witch is dead!

Winning is nothing to be ashamed of. Good SHOULD triumph over evil, and America is the good guy here. We're right; they're wrong. We win; they lose. We kill; they die. And then we CELEBRATE. Just like the Munchkins."

ahahahaha were you high on crack when you wrote this?

thank you for existing.

My favorite line was "These people need to be tread under by tanks just like our enemies, because that is exactly what they are."

You flat out wrote liberals need to die. and to think I thought this Obama/Messiah fear mongering was one of your worst pieces.

Skunkfeathers said...

LMAO at Jane...leave it to a liberal to turn the munchkins into raging monsters. But I suppose that if the munchkins had greased the treads of their tanks with the blood of the Wicked Witch of Pelosi -- had the little buggers had tanks -- I would have probably enjoyed that scene being added to the movie.

Psssst...Jane, you need better drugs than the ones your psychiatrist is prescribing.

Maybe Barry and Bela Pelosi will get that done for you. That is, if more level heads in your party don't nix it 'cuz they want to be re-elected in '10.

Seane-Anna said...

Jane, thanks for posting "What We Can Learn From The Munchkins" here in full. I enjoyed reading it; I'd forgotten how good it was. And no, I wasn't high on crack when I wrote it. I was high on patriotism, which I don't expect you to understand.

TWoPolitics said...

Don't let anonymous fool you. He/she was the one holding the camera.

Jane said...


the problem with using a movie as a lesson is a movie is fiction, their are no such things as munchkins and evil witches and good witches. Life isn't that simple, when you say kill the enemy and dance in the streets what does that mean?

I care nothing for the lives of Al Queda and the Taliban, they can die and there isn't any evidence of Democrats in the US who don't support the killing of said terrorists. The problem liberals have with the war is that thousands and thousands of innocent civilan lives are lost. You see the world as black and white when it is really shades of gray.

You also said you wanted communists and liberals to die. Thats rather simplistic and barbaric.

Seane-Anna said...

Jane, I know movies are fiction. Surely you aren't so naive as to believe that works of fiction can never teach a lesson, either by accident or design.

And kill the enemy and dance in the streets means kill the enemy and dance in the streets. It means there's nothing wrong with victory, nothing shameful about WINNING, as you liberals seem to think.

Jane, I don't see things in black and white, I just see the harsh realities of this world. When victory and your own survival are at stake the well being of "enemy" civilians can't be your overriding concern.

Lincoln wasn't thinking about civilians when he let William Tecumseh Sherman kick the hell out of the South.

FDR wasn't thinking about civilians when he unleashed Patton on the Germans and McCarthur on the Japanese.

Churchill wasn't thinking about civilians when he let Bomber Harris flatten Dresden.

Stalin wasn't thinking about civilians when he let Zhukov loose on the Eastern Front.

And Truman wasn't thinking about civilians when he taught the Japanese the ultimate lesson.

We today are the beneficiaries of the victories won by the men who had the courage to make harsh decisions in harsh times. NONE of us has any right to second guess them. They did what real leaders do. When it came to the defense of this country we had a leader for eight years. Now we have a wuss. Jane, I'm sure you're thrilled.