Sunday, September 06, 2009

Ding! Dong! The Commie's Gone!

Ding! Dong! The commie's gone!
Which commie?
Barack's commie.
Ding! Dong! Barack's commie is gone!

You read that right. Van Jones, Obama's green jobs czar, resigned today amid protestations that he was the victim of a "viscious smear campaign". Apparently, Jones considers it a smear for his radicalism to be exposed to the public. Yet, Obama himself said we should judge him by the kind of people he surrounds himself with, so shouldn't we know who those people are? Shouldn't we know that Van Jones is a self-professed communist, harbors deep resentment against White people, believes America is an imperialist country, sympathizes with Muslims, and suspects that 9/11 was an inside job? How is it a "viscious smear" to tell the American people this?

The job of a "czar" doesn't require the same vetting process as other positions in the White House. In fact, I don't think it requires any vetting process at all. And, as I understand it, a "czar" answers only to the president. That makes it all the more crucial that these "czars" are investigated by the media. The American people have a right to know who has the president's ear. If that person is a radical like Van Jones, they have to go. That's not a smear campaign, viscious or otherwise. That's the American people keeping control over their own country.

All politicians, including Obama, work for us, the people. We don't want communists telling the president what to do. We don't want radicals of any sort "advising" the chief executive. Van Jones is only the first "czar" to be vetted by the public after not being vetted by the Obama White House. The other "czars" need to be on notice; they're next. They will be questioned. They will be investigated. And if they are radicals like Jones they will be ousted, too.

America belongs to we, the people, not to radicals who sympathize with our enemies. Those people belong in the gutter not the government. Maybe now Obama realizes that and will ditch any other scum he has working for him. If not, he should prepare for a long, hot autumn.


Skunkfeathers said...

A couple down, near three dozen more to go. Barry's transparency pledge is in shreds, as is his credibility.

JMK said...

Obama WILL ultimately be judged by the company he keeps...

Van Jones is not merely an odious radical, he is a disgusting misanthrope who somehow, for some absurd reason feels superior to others....not atypical of the most dangerous of Leftists.

I'm glad Obama jettisoned this guy, BUT, the fact that he felt so comfortable with him to begin with remains troubling.....NEXT UP...Eric Holder.