Sunday, July 19, 2009

So Far, So Good

Hey friends! Good news. My little Acer laptop won't have to be retired after all, hopefully. I found out why it was imploding and what to do about it.

Yesterday I took little lappy to the rental store where I got it from to make a payment and to tell the store manager that it wasn't working right. The manager, a real sweet guy named Chris, then sat down with lappy to figure out what was going on. He discovered that the cord wasn't working right and that I needed to defragment lappy. Chris gave me a new cord for free then showed me how to do the defrag thing. He warned me that that would take a long time and he wasn't kidding! Defragging lappy took nearly FOUR hours! I even took a two hour nap only to wake up to find lappy still defragging its little heart out. Finally, the defragging process was finished, at which point I turned lappy off for the rest of the day, not wanting it to overheat as it had been doing.

Today, I took lappy on a test drive and it seems to be doing ok. I played around on the net for a few hours and I put up a new template for my blog. There was no overheating, the battery performed ok, and lappy didn't go into unexpected hibernation. I think lappy is cured. Thank God for new cords and defragging! And smart store managers. Yippee!


Skunkfeathers said...

I hate laptops ;)

JMK said...

I had some PC problems a few weeks ago, but it was time problems (over 400 hours of mandated overtime since May) that's kept me offline.

I'm glad your laptop problems have been solved.