Friday, July 03, 2009

America! America!

Tomorrow is July 4th, Independence Day. I was going to write a post to honor America, the greatest nation on God's green earth, but then I thought that would be, well, boring. I wanted to do something a little different and, hopefully, more enjoyable than just putting words on a "page". So I decided to put together this video tribute to America, a tribute made up of 13 videos, one for each of the original 13 colonies. The only thing I'm worried about is that 13 videos might be video overload, so I tried to find videos that weren't too long. Of course, you don't have to watch the videos in order or watch them all at once. Take your time, skip around, but do view at least a few.

And while you're grilling your hot dogs, watching fire works, and cannonballing into the pool, take time to remember what July 4th really means. It's Independence Day, America's birthday. Good and brave men risked everything to bring this nation into being. Let us ALWAYS thank God for those men who believed creating a free nation was more important than their fortunes and their lives. It is because of them that we have the blessing of being Americans. God bless the Founding Fathers. God bless our troops. And God bless America. Amen.

A Video Tribute to America

Vid 1: The Star Spangled Banner by Whitney Houston. This is the BEST version of our national anthem ever!

Vid 2: Feather Theme for Soldiers. For those who don't remember, the music in this video is from the movie "Forrest Gump". This theme is soft and gentle and has always made me teary eyed. Seeing the moving pictures of our troops set to this music REALLY makes me teary eyed. Look for the picture at the end of the vid; if it doesn't make you cry you're not human.

Vid 3: America Again. This song by Christian artist Carman is dedicated to America's Christian heritage, a heritage which liberals have been methodically trying to eradicate for decades. America was settled and founded by Christians, period. If that makes you uncomfortable, well, it sucks to be you.

Vid 4: Red Skelton Explains the Pledge of Allegiance. Comedian Red Skelton gives a simple yet powerful explanation of the Pledge. What he says at the end really makes you think.

Vid 5: The Gettysburg Address. This is a video of Lincoln's famous speech delivered at the dedication of the Soldier's National Cemetery at Gettysburg, PA. This is one of the greatest speeches in America's history.

Vid 6: A Short Commentary on America's Christian Heritage. A brief overview of the religious heritage of our nation.

Vid 7: Open Season. I call this song the battle hymn of the anti-jihad. Stuck Mojo, which sings this song promising to make mincement out of radical Muslims, is the kind of pro-America band that the rock world needs more of.

Vid 8: I'm American. Another politically incorrect rock 'n' roll masterpiece from Stuck Mojo. And the lyrics are on the vid! Cool!

Vid 9: Jim Brossard, American Hero. Jim Brossard, an American veteran, rescues an American flag which had been desecrated by being flown below a Mexican flag outside a business in Reno, NV. You go, Jim!

Vid 10: For Soldiers About to Rock (We Salute You). Uncle Sam's finest doing what they do best, kickin' the enemy's ass! Go on with yo' sexy selves!

Vid 11: Legal Immigrant Tanya Tyberg. Tanya Tyberg, an immigrant from Ukraine, describes a few of the rules she had to follow to come to America legally. Why do so many liberals believe that brown Mexicans should be exempt from the rules that White foreigners like Miss Tyberg have to follow? Sounds racist if you ask me.

Vid 12: The Declaration of Independence by Thomas Jefferson. Through the "miracle" of special effects, Thomas Jefferson "recites" the Declaration of Independence, including that pesky business about our rights being endowed by our Creator. This is what it's all about, people.

Vid 13: Remember Me. This was one of the first military tribute videos I ever saw on YouTube; it still brings tears to my eyes. I will remember. Will you?

There you have it; 13 videos for the 13 original colonies that became the greatest nation on earth. Happy 4th of July and please, remember. God bless America.


Skunkfeathers said...

What an awesome collection.

I was young -- don't exactly remember how much so now -- when I first heard Red Skelton's explanation of the Pledge of Allegiance. I've never heard it put better or more 'spot on' (I know that phrase pisses off some uncritical thinkers out there).

God Bless America and Happy Fourth, Seane-Anna!

Anonymous said...

The best one here is the Red Skelton one. I remember that one. I was young but I feel that it is something that should be shown to every kid growing up in America today and, every adult who has forgotten what freedoms really mean. This was a great tribute my friend....thanks for posting this.

Anonymous said...

And I hope that your 4th was the best one ever. It had to be good, because at least for now, we are still free.