Thursday, July 23, 2009

Falling Star

Barack Obama held a press conference, or something, last night to promote his agenda for universal health care (UHC) in America. I didn't watch it. I had no interest in it whatsoever. The first couple of Obama press conferences I was actually interested in what he would say, not because I support him but because I wanted to see how he would try to sell his socialist agenda to the country. But last night, nothing.

The lack of interest was most likely occassioned by the fact that I've already made up my mind about UHC: I'm against it. But I think there's another reason, too. The American people are finally starting to see Barack Obama for what he really is. According to several recent polls, support for Obama's policies and for Obama himself is falling. The people are waking up, and Obama knows it. Hence, the performance last night.

As I said, I didn't watch the press conference but I got a taste of how it probably went by watching Fox News Tuesday evening. I saw a few snippets of Obama pushing his health care agenda. He was using the same scare tactics he'd used when pushing his "stimulus" package. Disaster would strike if health care reform wasn't passed. Americans believed such dire warnings in advance of the "stimulus" vote but they're not buying them now. The economy, especially unemployment, has gotten worse since Obama promised his "stimulus" would save us. We, the people, are now receiving his health care rhetoric with angry skepticism.

The American people's willingness to give Obama a free pass has eroded and he doesn't like it. The Chosen One was apparently hoping that Americans would stay in messiah mode long enough for him to force his socialist agenda on the country. That has not happened. Instead, Dear Leader now has to contend with dropping popular support and rebellion in his own party. He has gone from being a shooting star to a falling star and I, for one, couldn't be happier.

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Skunkfeathers said...

when conservative members of his own party -- and I thought Bela Pelosi had squelched them, too -- don't march lockstep to his prose, singing Kumbaya while selling our Constitution down the toilet with the biggest socialization of one-sixth of the national budget in our history, you know he's overreached. And his teleprompterless meltdown over the Cambridge thing didn't do him any favors, either.