Thursday, April 16, 2009

Party Time!

Well, it went off great! Yesterday was not only the dreaded tax day but also the day for the grassroots, anti-tax Tea Party protests, and I went! And it was wunderbar, as the Germans say.

This was the first protest I've ever attended. I have my opinions and beliefs and I defend and promote them on my blogs but I've never been an activist. I've always been more of the lone wolf type. But the outrageous spending and economic power grab by Obama infuriated me. I just had to DO something this time, and I did. Instead of going home after work and relaxing in front of my laptop, I headed out to my hometown's minor league baseball stadium for an all-American protest.

I admit I was worried about what the turn out would be, but I shouldn't have. Cars were lined up blocks away from the stadium. When I finally got up to the entance, cars were being directed to a second section of the parking lot because the first was full. A news helicopter buzzed over head as people walked toward the stadium entrance carrying flags and signs. It was exciting!

When I finally got into the stadium it was even more exciting. There was such, well, EXCITEMENT in the air. Nearly five thousand people, ranging from senior citizens to young couples with toddlers, attended the Tea Party. You could tell they really believed in the cause that brought them out on a Wednesday night when they could've been sitting comfortably at home. They were all ordinary, working class folks; the kind of people who shop at Wal-Mart. Common people, whom liberals believe they carry around in their pockets like loose change. Not! Last night the forgotten men and women of my Texas hometown joined hundreds of thousands of other fed up Americans to tell Washington, ENOUGH!

For about 90 minutes I and my fellow Texans listened and cheered as various speakers voiced their and our frustrations and fears over a bloated, spendthrift, and arrogant government. Gov. Rick Perry was an early speaker and wowed the crowd but the best speakers, to me, were a small businessman and a high school senior. They both spoke with great passion and conviction. The high school senior was especially heartening because he was proof that not all young people are mindless liberals. The crowd adored him and got a big kick out of his reference to "that fool Barney Frank". The kid was great! The music was great, too. It was so refreshing to hear protest songs for America instead of against America. Take that, Hollywood! Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end. The Tea Party started winding down around 8 and I left around 8:30, feeling more American than I have in quite a while.

I'm really glad I went to that protest. It was peaceful, orderly, and positive, the epitome of citizens petitioning the government for a redress of grievances. And spending our great nation into the poorhouse is certainly a grievance. My fellow protestors and I sent a loud and unmistakable message to the arrogant powers that be in Washington. If they don't listen, we'll do it again. In fact, we need to do it again even if they do listen just to remind them who's really in charge in America. We don't work for the government; the government works for us, no matter what the liberals say. It's OUR country. Power to the people! And God bless America!


Anonymous said...

Amen to this my friend. I too was excited to be a part of what I feel is history. The TEA parties all across this great nation were and are a great indication that the people know what is needed, and the politicians are wrong. All hail to the people. For they are great.

Tapline said...

great post. I read about the response by the main news agencies and was really dumbfounded at their response by the people. They finally show who and what they represent....a disgrace......stay well.....

Skunkfeathers said...

I attended the tea party in Denver. And as one speaker there pointed out, we conservatives don't know how to protest like the Left.

Our signs were spelled right.
We didn't throw rocks, bottles, feces and other debris.
We didn't wreck public property or loot.
We were respectful to one another.
We didn't insult the police, or the US Military.
We cleaned up as we left.
We expressed our love of our Constitution and Bill of Rights.

Yep, he was right: we conservatives don't know how to protest like the Left.

Thank God ;)

WomanHonorThyself said...

sooooooooo proud of u girl!!!!!..I'm back up and running..thanks for hanging in with me!:)