Sunday, April 12, 2009

America 3, Pirates 0

He's free!

Yahoo! News is reporting that Navy Seals staged a daring rescue of Richard Phillips, captain of the Maersk Alabama, an American cargo ship seized by Somali pirates five days ago. During the rescue Navy snipers shot to death three pirates who were holding Capt. Phillips on a lifeboat. A fourth pirate was on board a US Navy vessel for negotiations when the rescue occurred. There's no word on what his fate will be.

This is great news. I'm so proud of the Navy snipers for their flawless eradication of the pirate filth. I just wish they'd had a chance to get the fourth pirate scumbag, too. That guy should've been summarily executed and tossed overboard as soon as Capt. Phillips was freed. If that had happened, though, some liberal group would've howled that the guy's rights were violated. And Obama would've said that America was being arrogant again. He's already stated that the US needs help from other countries to deal with piracy and to hold pirates accountable. Hold them accountable? Boy, I bet that strikes terror into the hearts of those sea raiders!

Liberals are hopeless. They'll never understand that the only thing that pirates, terrorists, and their ilk understand is deadly force. Force like the kind delivered by our gallant snipers this Easter Sunday. That was a gift almost as wonderful as the original Easter present. Liberals don't get it but the rest of us certainly do. This country faced a thorny situation and we came out on top. We killed the enemy and saved our own. America 3, pirates 0! BOOOOOOYAAAAAAH!

4 comments: said...

Now wasn't this the bestest Easter present that we could have given those terrorist pirates? I think so


Skunkfeathers said...

Despite Barry's squishy actions regarding the pirates -- including ducking a question about them by saying he was discussing housing at one press conference -- the US Navy shone bright on this one.

And I agree with US Special Forces: turn them loose on the pirate enclaves. 72 hours later, the piracy menace off Somalia will largely be in Davy Jone's Locker.

Of course, such 'arrogant' action will offend Barry's minions. Screw 'em. US Military kicks ass when Americans are attacked.

Tapline said...

PGZ, Good post....stay well...

JMK said...

That was an awesome mission.

The administration got out of the way and let the SEALS do what they do best.

The job, however, isn't done UNTIL those "pirate" bases are eradicated completely.