Thursday, July 31, 2008

No Apology Necessary. Duh!!!!

When are we going to get past this noxious notion that America is, or has been, uniquely evil in her history and that she needs to atone for her sins by grovelling to every group that isn't White, straight, and/or Christian? Yesterday the ditsy Dems in the House issued an official apology to Blacks for slavery and segregation, as if that was the most pressing issue facing our great country.

Forget sky high gas prices. Forget the refusal of Dems to let America drill for her own oil. Forget the war on terrorism. Forget mounting foreclosures. No, the one thing America must do is apologize for something that ended over 100 years ago. Without that mea culpa the country can't go on! Gimme a break!

Let me tell you atonement crazy, guilt ridden, libtard weirdos something. I wasn't a slave. My parents weren't slaves. My grandparents weren't slaves. My great-grandparents weren't slaves. My great-great-grandparents weren't slaves. To get to anyone in my family who MIGHT have been a slave you have to go back FIVE generations. I DON'T NEED YOUR F--KING APOLOGY!!!!

Representatives, Senators, get on with the nation's business, and that business is NOT apologizing for slavery. America was NOT the only country in the history of mankind to practice slavery, and Blacks are NOT the only people to ever be held as slaves. Slavery is a HUMAN sin, not a sin only of Whites, Christians, and/or Americans. If Blacks really cared about getting an apology for slavery, if it really meant something to them, why aren't they demanding one from the Arabs, who traded in African slaves for over a thousand years? Too bad no one in the House had the cajones to bring up that bit of inconvenient history.

This whole apologizing-for-slavery con is just that, a con, a way to stoke the fire of White guilt which is one of the engines driving the left's lust for big government. Making and keeping Whites feeling guilty works for the left because such Whites become so obsessed with assuaging their guilt that they forget about everything else. They'll support, excuse, ignore, justify, rationalize, and/or vote for ANYTHING in order to do penance for their (imagined) racial sins. What's right for the country takes a back seat to their desperate need to prove they're good Whites.

Well, I don't need any White person proving anything to me. If you treat me right you're kosher in my book. If you don't, you're an a**hole. Even if you're Black. Now go and do what's right for America...and put your racial manners textbook in the trash where it belongs.


JMK said...

It's called pandering Seane-Anna and they won't stop until it stops working.

It's sad that such nonsense works, it's the equivalent of giving someone a fancier uniform INSTEAD of a pay raise.

Works every time.

Anonymous said...

Ha! They are only doing that because a few months ago the Canadians apologized to the aborigines.


Tapline said...

Seane-Anna, I'm with you on Ameica, but....Canada's coming forward with their apology is, I feel, appropriate, because there are many native Canadians still slive and were taken from their homes through a government program.( for their own Good). Governments tend to operate that way don't they..????stay well....

Roadhouse said...

I was about to write an article on this very topic, but I just don't think I could top yours. Now I will have to go back to the drawing board.

WomanHonorThyself said...

you should get published hun in all the papers..your pride is so inspiring!!

Louise said...

Not quite sure how I stumbled upon your blog, but this is one stellar and stinging blog entry. Well done, young lady!! I've quoted you on my blog. Oh, yes, and you forgot to mention that Arab slave trading continues to this day, five generations after it ended in the Western world.

Louise said...

And while you are at it, PoorGrrl, here's a blog posting in a similar vein from my country. I think you'll appreciate the sentiment.

Who is paid to care for Katelynn?

Anonymous said...

Tapline, The native Canadians didn't see it that way. Non-native Canadians of today didn't see it that way either.. hence the apology.

Jungle Mom said...

I saw you on my site meter and came by, I like your blog!

Velvet Hammer said...


I see you are still kicking a*s and taking names. ;)

Good God I love your style.

BTW I must apologize I had not noticed you had added my link to your blog roll. Thanks! Luckily I found your link as an incoming. So I have just returned the favor.

"Conservative Bad Asses"

I've never been called that before. I love it! :D

Thanks again,
- VH
Ironic Surrealism II

Anonymous said...

its called empathy asswipes.