Sunday, February 03, 2008

Showing Their True Face Again

Despite their claims to the contrary, Leftists in this country hate America, her leaders, and her military. The city council of Berkeley, CA, revealed said hatred when it voted 6-3 to tell the Marines, who have a recruiting office in the city, that they are "uninvited and unwelcomed intruders". The council also encouraged the "anti-war" group Code Pink to hinder the Marines' recruiting efforts by protesting in front of the recruiting office. This is outrageous. And at least one person is trying to do something about it.

Senator Jim DeMint, R-S.C., is drafting legislation to cut over $2,000,000 in federal funds from Berkeley. While acknowledging the Berkeley city council's (BCC) right to free speech the Senator rightly recognized that the council has no right to federal funding of its speech. Bravo Senator DeMint! But he shouldn't expect any of his liberal colleagues to support him. They're not about to chastise the people who's votes they're counting on to get and/or keep their power.

The Left hates America and hates our troops. They are NOT anti-war; they're anti-American and we'd better understand that. The BCC's ruling is just the latest in the Left's long parade of hate-the-troops shenanigans. In March of last year Portland, OR "anti-war" protestors burned a US soldier in effigy. In September of '07 the San Francisco Film Commission refused to allow the Marines to film a recruitment commercial in the city. In the fall of last year Hollywood released a slew of anti-troop movies including Brian de Palma's vile "Redacted" which portrayed American troops in Iraq as raping, murdering thugs. In January of this year the New York Times played on the psycho vet stereotype with a front page story claiming that veterans were committing murder across the land. And just a couple of days ago Code Pink protestors tried to disrupt the Marines' Berkeley recruiting office by chaining themselves to the front door and yelling that the Marines were training kids "to kill babies". It goes on and on.

Never let leftists tell you they're patriotic while committing acts like those mentioned above. Yes, Americans have the right, even the duty, to question and criticize government policy. But there's a huge difference between honest questioning and constructive criticism and rank hatred. There's a huge difference between questioning the way a war is being fought and spreading defeatism in order to aid the enemy. In short, dissent and sedition are two different things. Leftists know this and have chosen sedition, hoping we won't notice. But we do notice and now it's time they heard from us. Their treason must not stand. Sign the petition available at the link below and let the Berkeley city counci and all leftists know just how we patriots feel about their attack on our finest!


JMK said...

I've said for a long time that there is a major difference between dissent and sedition (undermining/opposing the U.S. government and rationalizing an enemy's actions). The latter is what much of the far Left routinely does.

Berkely and other such locales SHOULD have their funding cut.

Seane-Anna said...

Amen, JMK!