Friday, February 15, 2008

Shock And Horror

I am still in shock over the mass murder that took place yesterday on the campus of Northern Illinois University (NIU). I'm also angry. Why do people do such heinous things? And not just do them, but then kill themselves so they won't face justice. The NIU gunman, identified as a former student at the school, was a coward. He gunned down over 20 helpless, unarmed people then shot himself. I hope the bastard is burning in a hell so hot that even the devil himself couldn't stand it. May God have NO mercy on his soul!!!!


JMK said...

It's hard to know what to make of this phenomenon of so many spree killers, especially in our schools.

Yes, these shooters are always cowards, as they deliberately seek out venues where they know everyone else is unarmed.

But there's more to this, that I just can't exactly put my finger on. A part of it, at least in my view, is the coddling or wimpification of our society. Everything's "an illness," now-a-days, every quirk has a corresponding medication, from actual problems like bi-polar disorder to things like "restless leg syndrome."

Often it seems as though every other person is on meds, every other person suffers from "adult ADD," "anger management issues," or any one of a host of other "modern problems."

Today there's way too much feeling sorry for ourselves and far too little real self assessment, where we look at ourselves honestly and realize we've just got to suck it up and work harder.

A popular contemporary saying is, "Don't beat yourself up!"

I say, "By all means, beat yourselves up," as people who get down on themselves, also usually push themselves harder to do better.

And maybe if we stopped medicating people for every little insecurity, we'd all be better off.

Seane-Anna said...

JMK you are sooooo right. There is big time "wimpification" going on in our culture. And the result is that people just don't have the coping skills that they used to. Today when people get fired, get dumped, or just get a D on a test it sends them into a killing rage. And of course, it's everybody's fault but their own.

We must stop coddling people from cradle to grave. We must stop redefining anti-social behaviour as an illness, which severely undermines the concept of personal responsibility. Otherwise we'll continuing breeding people who think every minor inconvience gives them the right to kill.

JMK said...

"We must stop redefining anti-social behaviour as an illness..." (Seane-Anna)

You can say that again. Anti-social behavior should be what it was when I was young, "Grounds for an ass-kicking."

If more people just got their asses kicked when they were growing up, they wouldn't need to take so many pills as adults.

WomanHonorThyself said...

hiya Seanne,,,sad and tragic and unforgivable indeed!