Friday, February 08, 2008

Here We Go Yet Again!

It's happening again. Some offended homosexuals have filed a legal complaint to stop someone from disagreeing with their lifestyle.

This latest gay attack on freedom of religion and speech is occurring in New Mexico where Christian photographer Elaine Huguenin refused to photograph a lesbian couple's "commitment ceremony". The couple then lodged a complaint with New Mexico's Human Rights Division which is now trying Mrs. Huguenin's business, Elane Photography, under the state's anti-discrimination laws. One of the things the lesbian plaintiffs want is an injunction permanently revoking Elane Photography's right not to photograph gay ceremonies. This is insane!

I've had enough with liberal gays attacking the freedoms of others, especially Christians, in pursuit of their agenda. Clearly, they want a world where any questioning of their views is illegal. That's Stalinism and we must not stand for it. Elaine Huguenin was perfectly within her rights to refuse to promote anything that conflicted with her religious beliefs. That's what freedom of religion/conscience means.

Left-wing gays need to realize that Christians don't answer to them. They need to realize that they have no right to force every institution in society to parrot their party line. The notion that it's hate to disapprove of homosexuality and call it sin is opinion, not truth. No one is obligated to believe that opinion, let alone live their lives by it. Elaine Huguenin cannot be compelled to promote a cause with which she disagrees. Neither can any other American. There's still freedom of conscience in this country. Stalinist gays need to stop trying to take this freedom from others and concentrate on using it for themselves. They just might find that their cause will be better served for it.


Anonymous said...

my idea on this one is...."SO DAMN WHAT??? If they are soooo sensitive about their position in life, maybe they know deep down that they are wrong. If not, then they should get a little bit of a shell on so that little words that shouldn't hurt, would do just that....not hurt.

If you can't take the heat, then stay out of the kitchen so to speak. If you do not want people talking against your way of life....don't advertise it.


JMK said...

Seane-Anna, THIS is the "gay agenda."

THIS is the impetus behind their demanding "Gay Marriage instead of their accepting "Civil Unions."

In Europe and in Canada (places that have no established 1st Amendment) Church's have been sued by homosexual groups demanding the "right" to be Married in "the Church of their choice."

And YES, that IS "Stalinism."

Tapline said...

PGZ, I am not a lawyer, but I do not think,because of the anti-descrimination laws adopted by this mighty country this person has a leg to stand on. Laws like this passed because of the treatment of gays in America, like the kid who got beaten up and thrown over a bridge in Bangor, Maine and there were others also. Instead of using the laws of murder already on the books Congress was lobbied and passed the anti descrimination laws current on the books and I think they refer to any business operation in America. Of course, logically speaking a person who has a business should be able to serve whomever they wish. Wish that were so, unfortunately, it isn't......They paint with a wide brush and its usually so general to take in every concievable circumstance. Could be wrong, but do not think so... Stay well.....

WomanHonorThyself said...

I agree hun..its coercion and its working!..sigh

A Simple Sinner said...

FIRST THOUGHT: Why do these two lesbians want to give Elaine Huguenin their money so bad?

SECOND THOUGHT: Can a business be compelled to be involved in religous or quasi-religous rites?

THIRD THOUGHT: Even though she may not have to do this, couldn't Elaine Huguenin have claimed prior engagement and made herself unavailable? (Walking one's dog CAN be a prior engagement...)