Friday, June 29, 2007

The People Unleased

In a move that totally surprised me, the amnesty bill was defeated in the Senate Wednesday. I was overjoyed! I'd heard on the news for days that the vote was too close to call. I couldn't believe that so many of our "leaders" were so determined to trample on the will of the people and vote into existence something that the vast majority of us didn't want. Yet, miraculously, we the people prevailed. Just enough senators suddenly remembered who they worked for and voted accordingly. But we must not become complacent. A very important battle was won, but the war still rages. There are still powerful forces out there who want to flood America with millions of foreign nationals and eradicate our culture and sovereignty. That's why the protest I called for in my previous post must still go forward.

Left-wing and right-wing interests are vying to aid and abet illegal immigration for their own peculiar ends. Many left-wingers are desperate to make America majority non-white. They bizarrely believe that this will make America morally pure by minimizing the power and influence of the only group they recognize as sinful: white Christians. Massive legal and illegal immigration is the vehicle by which their non-white paradise will be realized. This loony, left-wing vision can and should be fought, and fought hard, but it will mostly be a war of words meant to change hearts and minds, not a fight of direct action. For that we must look to the illegal alien supporters on the right.

While left-wingers are vocal in their contempt for America's sovereignty, the anti-patriotism of some on the right is less obvious but it exists. The single reason for right-wing support of illegal immigration can be summed up in two words: cheap labor. Big business wants cheap labor and it lobbies congress to get it for them. This explains almost all of the support for the Senate's bill from Republicans. Big business thinks its profits come from hiring cheap labor and it pays politicians to keep the supply flowing. That's where you and I come in. Direct action to show big business just who's responsible for their profits will send a message not only to the CEOs but also to the politicians on their payroll.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not against business. I'm a staunch capitalist, but that doesn't mean denying that business has a patriotic responsibility. In the pursuit of profit CEOs must never lose sight of the independence and welfare of their country. The problem is that many of our business elites have, in their hearts, ceased to be Americans and have become "post-Americans": citizens of the world for whom national loyalty is as outdated as leg warmers and mullets. These post-American captains of industry are vulnerable, though. Shut down the profit train and they'll squeal like the pigs commies say they are. It's time to make them squeal.

On the second weekend after the 4th of July we, the people, must not shop. We must not frequent any store, period. We must not go to the grocery store, the video store, the fashion boutique or the mall. If you told your child he could have his birthday party at MacDonald's that weekend, cancel it. This could be a good lesson to your child about the importance of acting on principle even when it hurts. If you're accustomed to ordering pizza on the weekend, try making your own. Prepare yourself for the protest by figuring out alternate ways of meeting your wants and needs. Like to rent videos? Check them out from the library instead. Burger King is a Friday night ritual at your house? Cook up some hamburger patties a few days ahead of time and then microwave them Friday for homemade "fast" food. Just can't get through the weekend without shopping? Go to garage sales or thrift stores. Garage sales are the quintessential acts of economic liberty and thrift stores are not owned by big business (plus, many of them are run by worthy charities such as crisis pregnancy centers and battered women's shelters). So you see, you can protest the business powers without too much change to your daily life.

But the big boys will change. When they're confronted with empty stores and empty cash registers they will know that it's the American consumer whom they disdain, and not the cheap illegal labor they employ, who delivers them their profits.. And to keep those profits safe the business big boys will be forced to deal with us. They will know that we are the constituency they need to fear, not the illegals and their enablers. And if, out of supreme arrogance, the big boys refuse to get it the first time, we the people will do it again. We are no longer willing to let our country's culture, language, history, heritage and sovereignty be assaulted from all sides. We're mad as hell and we're not going to take it anymore!!!!!! God bless America and God bless the people unleashed!!!

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