Thursday, July 12, 2007

"Migrants" Are Dying, And It's All Our Fault!

When Yahoo! came up on my laptop today I noticed a news article declaring that more "migrants" are dying as they try to cross illegally into the US. Deaths are rising because illegals are using more remote and dangerous routes to enter America as safer routes are closed off. You just know that these deaths will be used by "immigrants' rights" groups to attack America and demand open borders. But who is really to blame for all the dying? The "migrants", that's who.

Mexicans and other foreigners know it's illegal to enter America, or any other country, without permission. If they insist on violating the law and get injured or killed in the process, it's their fault. Period. It's like a homeowner shooting an intruder; the intruder is at fault because he shouldn't have been breaking into someone else's house to begin with. So it is with illegal aliens; they shouldn't be trying to break into America in the first place.

Of course, liberals won't see it that way. For them, the only villain is America. Just as they blame terrorism on America's foreign policy, they'll blame the increasing deaths among illegals on her "inhumane" enforcement of border security. That poor Mexicans wouldn't be dying in the desert or the river if they stayed home is totally lost on liberals. So is the culpability of the Mexican government which won't enact needed economic reforms and encourages it's poorest citizens to break American law. None of that matters to the Blame America First crowd.

But it matters to real patriots like me. I don't want people to die, but America must not sacrifice her sovereignty to save foreigners who spit on her laws. If the bleeding hearts really care about "innocent" illegals they should urge them to stay in their homelands and recreate America's system there. Then they'd have the jobs and prosperity they long for. But don't hold your breathe. Why work to create your own wealth when you can take someone else's? Just don't blame me when you're floating in the Rio Grande.


Sandeep Pai ,RHCE. said...


This is one of the best blogs I've ever read.I would like to re quote few words here "Then they'd have the jobs and prosperity they long for".
Articles like this are really a boon for the readers.Thanks once again for your wonderful blog.

Sandeep Pai

Robert said...

I came here because of a comment you left on my blog asking if you could post something I posted about Hillary. Well, the answer is yes. The more that hear about her real ideas the better off we are. As for your blog....I definitely like the way you think girl. Keep up the good work.....

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