Wednesday, June 27, 2007

American Workers' Day of Protest

The illegal alien problem just keeps making me madder and madder. The senate's latest treasonous immigration bill, which is forging ahead despite the overwhelming objection of the American people, is the newest slap in the face to us, the real, born and bred--and naturalized!--Americans. I'm sick and tired of the way we are spat on, insulted, called names ("racist" being the favorite one), or just ignored as totally unimportant yahoos. I'm sick and tired of the shameless groveling to illegals by spineless, psuedoAmerican politicians more concerned with being seen as anti-racist than with serving their country and the people who elected them. And most of all, I'm sick and tired of the constant insinuation that illegal aliens (IAs) are the only people in America who work.

I work!!!!! I get up every morning at 7 o'clock, get to my job at 8, put in 7 to 8 hours taking care of other people's children, then drive home at 6 and hope my car doesn't die on me on the way. Hundreds of millions of Americans do the same thing every day of the week. We, not foreigners who break into our country like thieves in the night, are the backbone of this nation's economy. Yet we're constantly and deliberately dissed by the supporters of illegals who apparently think that trashing us and aggrandizing IAs establishes their anti-racist and compassion credentials.

I'm tired of all of this and I have an idea on what to do about it. I first wrote about this idea on my now-discontinued blog Planet RA! last year, but yesterday I heard a talk radio host saying much the same thing. My idea for sending a message to the arrogant powers-that-be is a general strike.

I don't mean the usual general strike where you don't go to work. That can come later if the politicians don't listen to us. Instead, I mean an economic strike. I want every true American to not shop in any store for an entire weekend. You read right: no shopping from Friday night to Sunday night. This economic strike will be the first salvo in an ongoing war if we, the people, are not heard and taken seriously. But why, you may ask, should we strike against businesses when the problem is with politicians? Answer: because most, if not all, of our politicians are beholden to business lobbyists who want cheap labor more than air.

The reason so many "conservative" Republicans support the senate's monstrous bill is because business owns them. They have to give business what it wants, the people be damned. And business believes that its profits come from hiring cheap labor. That's where you and I come in. By not buying a thing for one entire weekend we will send business the message that its profits depend on us buying their products and not on their employment of cheap labor. And if business gets that message, the politicians will, too.

Some might think that this is a bad idea because it will hurt Americans. No, it won't. This economic strike is not about destroying the businesses of fellow Americans. This is not a boycott. Rather, it's a short term, dramatic action designed to make the big shots in Washington listen to us. If they don't listen to us, then more prolonged actions will be needed, but those can be decided on if the need arises. Right now, we need an act that everyone can do without depending on activists to organize everything. It doesn't take an organizer to show people how to not shop. Just don't do it. Don't go out to eat; don't go to the grocery store; don't go to the video store; don't go to Walgreens. DON'T SHOP!!!!! When CEOs see empty stores and restaurants and start to hear their profits going down the drain they'll understand who're the legs on which they stand. It's me and it's you, not Jose from Tijuana.

I think a good weekend to do this strike is July 13-15, the second weekend after July 4. That will allow time for this plan to be spread around the country. Also, it'll let people prepare for the protest by doing things like cooking a lot of food up ahead of time so they'll have "fast" food for the protest weekend. People can also plan alternatives to the usual weekend entertainment, like checking out videos from the library instead of renting them from Blockbuster (or better yet, not watching tv at all).

For this protest to work, the American people have to actually do it. It's easy to blow off steam on talk radio or send your senator an e-mail, but to do something that may require sacrifice, however small, seems to be the American people's Achilles' heel. If we don't do this, or something else, the politicians will keep on listening to the special interest groups and ignoring us yokels and rednecks. We MUST do this! We MUST make them hear us! Our great nation's future depends on it.

God Bless America!

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