Friday, September 01, 2006

On the Offensive

Finally!!!!!! The Bush administration has finally gotten of it's duff and started to go on the offensive against critics of the Iraq war and those who are totally clueless about what the War on Terror is about. It's about time. George W. Bush may be a lot of things but the one thing he's not is a great communicator and he can no longer afford to wait for history to vindicate him. So I'm really glad that he and others in his administration are using the bully pulpit to get out their view.

Donald Rumsfeld really played hardball in his speech a couple of days ago to a veterans' group. Rummy layed it on the line, without pc doublespeak and without apology. He told the vets and the world that America and the rest of civilized humanity are facing a new fascism as dangerous as Naziism, and that those who don't or won't get it are the same kind of appeasers that allowed Hitler to grow so strong it took a world war to stop him. Rumsfeld didn't mince words, and I love him for it.

Of course the Democrats, feeling that Rummy was talking about them, went ballistic. Howard Dean, king of the "anti-war" crowd, claimed that Republicans were just name-calling because they can't defend their policies. And Nancy Pelosi barked that Rummy's remarks prove how badly the Bush administration needs to end. Sniff, sniff.

If the tough words of Rumsfeld, Cheney, Bush himself, or anyone else in the administration ticks the Dems off it's because they're true. We ARE in a war for our survival. The Islamists mean to DESTROY us; no amount of negotiations will dissuade them from that goal, just as no amount of negotiatons dissuaded Hitler. Anyone who can't or won't see that is another Neville Chamberlain waving another meaningless "peace of paper" and making another meaningless proclamation of "peace in our time". And Rumsfeld is Winston Churchill reborn, giving the world another dose of cold, hard truth that it doesn't want but desperately needs. I just hope and pray it doesn't take another 50 million dead to make the world wake up and GET IT.


mccommas said...

It will take a mushroom cloud over DC and New York to convince liberals that the threat is real.

And maybe not even then. Maybe they will say somehow we deserved it for "interfering".

PoorGrrl said...

Sadly McCommas, you are sooooo right.