Wednesday, September 27, 2006

"F" You, Hugo!

Boycott Citgo filling stations. In the wake of Hugo Chavez's Bush-is-the-devil speech before the UN last Tuesday, I'm calling on all patriotic Americans to boycott Venezuelan owned Citgo.

It's time for the American people to get serious with those who mean us harm. Hugo Chavez has allied himself with Iran, Cuba, and probably every other enemy of our country. He's signed some 80 treaties with Iran, including one where Hugo pledges that an attack on Iran will be regarded as an attack on Venezuela. This man deserves not one more US dollar.

Some of you may think that boycotting Citgo is wrong because a lot of Americans work for the company and the boycott will unfairly hurt them. I understand that concern, but we can't let it stop us from doing what needs to be done. Yes, some Americans may get hurt if we stop buying gas from Citgo, but many more Americans may get hurt if we don't stop. As I said, Hugo Chavez is our enemy. He's sided with people who want a world without America. Giving him our dollars so he can use them against us is insane. It'd be better to buy our gas from much-maligned Exxon, at least it's American.

And while we're on the subject, other oil-producing countries besides Venezuela also hate us. We need to seriously curb our entire consumption of oil so as to deprive our enemies of a lucrative income. It's no better for Iran, Saudi Arabia, or Nigeria to get our dollars than it is for Venezuela to get them. So boycotting Venezuela is just a first step in what I hope will be a sea change in how we Americans live a large part of our lives. Hearing Hugo's rank anti-Americanism on national tv hopefully woke a lot of my fellow Americans up. It certainly woke me up and you can rest assured that Hugo has gotten his last dollar from me!


sapphoq said...

Right on!!!
Hugo Chavez is a socialist, committed Marxist, and a dictator.
He believes that Iran's current extremist regime of a government should be imitated.
He also favors the governments of such wonderful places as North Korea, mainland China, and Cuba.
He wanted to send troops to help the Taliban fight off U.S. troops in Afghanistan [and yes, the Taliban is very much alive in Afghanistan and will resurge in power real soon].
He is suspected of alliances with two terrorists groups in Colombia and with Al Queda.
He may have sent Al Queda money to help with the 9/11 job
tho publickly he claims to believe the 9/11 debunked junk science conspiracy "theories."

I am glad that there are some of us like you and me who are speaking out against this man Hugo Chavez.


PoorGrrl said...

Hey Sapphoq! Glad you dropped by my blog, and thanks for the comment. I see we share the same view of dear ol' Hugo. If only every American would wake up to the danger of this man. I like that you put all those websites at the end of your Hugo post on your blog, Radical Sapphoq. They will provide a lot of info to anyone who wants to know the truth about Venezuela's Castro wannabe. Keep fighting the good fight! And happy blogging. :)


What does "Sapphoq" mean? Is it your real name? What language is it from? Just wondering.