Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Support Farmer's Branch!

If you want to support Farmer's Branch, TX in it's fight to stop illegal immigration sign the petition at www.supportfarmersbranch.com. All patriotic Americans need to show this little Texas city that we are with it. So pass this info along to everyone you know and let's show the citizens of Farmer's Branch that they are NOT alone!


The Farmer's Branch councilman who's leading the charge against illegal aliens in the city is named Tim O'Hare, not O'Hara as I incorrectly wrote in my previous post.


whitestarline said...

Poorgrrl left this post on my blog. IT says the it all about the conservative movement:

Why do you think you can write blogs like this one without fear of government reprisal?

EVer heard of the First Amendment? It kills me how conservatives scream about loving this country, but hate the freedoms and values that make our country great. You guys have been brainwashed to think that questioning bad leadership is patriotism. You have also been conditioned to hate the very freedoms the terrorists hate, which makes you one in the same.

Stop and think. Do I want to support a party that says we have to be so scared that we give up our Constitutional freedoms? Our right to criticize? Or the idea that we should give the greatest tax breaks to the wealthiest 1%? (PS, you are not one of them, day care teacher)

Stop frothing at the mouth and try to logically figure it out. And then get out of the moronic 28% who still worship our idiot president.

PoorGrrl said...

Whitestarline, don't misquote me!!!! You've taken a part of a whole paragraph out of context to make it mean something it doesn't. For those who care about the truth here's what I actually wrote:

"Do liberals believe America is ever worth fighting for? Why do you think you can write blogs like this one without fear of government reprisal? Because a lot of mothers' sons thought this country was worth their lives. Pull up a picture of the cemetary at Omaha Beach to get a clue."

This is what I really wrote. You can agree or disagree with it, after all this is America, but don't distort it for your own ends. It only makes you look bad.

Anonymous said...

He didn't misquote you honey. you are the one suggesting that those who disagree with a narrow-minded ideology must hate America and love our enemies.

Why are all of the veterans running for office (over 40 of them) Democrats? Do they hate America too?

They are angry that we were lied to about the reasons for the war. They are angry that we have spent hundreds of billions of dollars and thousands of American soldiers to invade a country that BUSH ADMITTED had no connection to 9/11. The 9/11 panel says our resources are being diverted to Iraq, where our troops are just targets while they MODERATE A CIVIL WAR.

Meanwhile, the real terrorists, AL Qaeda, are plotting in Pakistan and the Taliban are regrouping in Afgahnistan. How many more lives, and how much more money! When are you conservatives going to face reality and come on board with the rest of this country---you are following an IDIOT who doesn't know what he's doing!