Tuesday, August 01, 2006

A Waste of Time

President Bush wasted his time when he spoke to the NAACP a few days ago. I just don't understand why he did it. If Bush thought he was going to score some points for himself and the Republican party in this election year he was sadly mistaken.

The NAACP hates Bush, conservatives, the Republican party, and everything they stand for. The NAACP may have done some good things back in the day but now it's become an organization dedicated to racial self-interest and the perpetuation of the victim mentality among Blacks. As you can tell, I'm a Black person who doesn't care much for the NAACP.

When I was growing up nobody in my neighborhood talked about the NAACP. There was nothing in my virtually all Black neighborhood that anyone could point to and say, "The NAACP did that for us". The group was totally irrevelant to the day-to-day lives of my family and my friends' families. And the group is totally irrevelant to me now. That's why I think President Bush wasted his time speaking to it.

And if the President felt he just had to speak to the NAACP he should've used the occassion to deliver a dose of cold, hard truth to that group. Instead of pandering to Black "leaders'" obsession with racism and revenge politics, Bush should've boldly pointed out that most problems facing Black Americans today are self-inflicted. Yes, racism still exists, but it's not the cause of Blacks' destructively high rates of crime, poverty, and illegitamatcy*. Trying to change White people's attitude toward Blacks won't solve those problems. And Bush should've reminded his audience that racism is a human problem, not a White people's problem. Blacks can be just as racist as Whites, and not just against Whites but also against Hispanics, Asians, and Jews, to name a few. Of course, those other non-Whites and Jews are often racist against Blacks.

Yes, Bush could've told the NAACP that racism haunts every human heart; no one race has a monopoly on it. He could've told the NAACP that America has overcome most of it's racist past and racism no longer can stop anyone with determination from making it in this country. He could've told the NAACP that what racism still exists doesn't force Blacks to have babies out of wedlock, commit crime, or sell drugs. Those are personal choices for which only the individual is responsible. Bush could've told the NAACP all of these things, but didn't. Instead, he chose to pander. He wasted his time and America's. And that's really sad.

*I hope I spelled that right.

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mccommas said...

I agreed with that all for except the part where he wasting his time. No he wasn't. Bush -- and Carl (Karl?) Rove -- know EXACTLY what they is doing.

You can bet the ranch on that.

Consider that right now the Democrats have a near 100 percent lock on the Black vote but how long can the Democrats keep that lock?

The Democrats will never re-gain majority in Congress if say just 20 percent start voting Republican. That day is coming and It won't take much.

We already have many high profile Black Republicans in the news. Sec of State Condi Rice (pos. VP candidate), the Hon. Clarence Thomas, Former Ct Congressman Gary Franks, The Hon. Jancie Rogers Brown, Colin Powell (not very conservative but he is ours), Thomas Sowell as well as a whole host of second stringers. Drip by drip the Democrats are losing their lock.

Bush and the Republicans don't need to win over entire groups like the NACP. Thats not their goal.

They need to win over individuals; one voter at a time.

Republicans can win without gaining any Black support but the Democrats can never win without it.

Like Mona Charen says, the Democrats status as a major party in America is in serious trouble once and if they ever lose their grip on the Black vote.

When Black voter turnout is low even, Republicans tend to win in a tight race. Thats why they do all they can to ignite racial fires -- to get Americans of color to the polls.

But like the boy who cried "wolf", that tactic is less effective the more it is used.