Saturday, June 10, 2006

Michael Berg Sucks

On the day when every American should've been rejoicing over the killing of terrorist Abu Musad al-Zarqawi, Michael Berg could only express sadness at the demise of his son Nicholas Berg's killer.

If you remember, Nicholas Berg was beheaded by al-Zarqawi in 2003, but if you're to believe the incredible statements by the elder Berg, al-Zarqawi probably wasn't Nicholas' killer.

In an interview on Fox News, Michael Berg, a professed pacifist, openly doubted that al-Zarqawi killed his son, dimissing both the videotape showing al-Zarqawi beheading Nicholas and claims of al-Zarqawi's guilt from the "lying FBI". Instead, Berg insisted that George Bush was responsible for his son's death because Bush started the Iraq war. According to Berg's thinking, if Bush hadn't invaded Iraq al-Zarqawi never would've been in the country. Never mind that al-Zarqawi was in Iraq before the war began.

Michael Berg hates America. He might try to hide his hatred behind a mask of pacifism, but the animus he harbors for the US oozed out of every word he spoke on Fox News. No one who loves his country could engage in and believe the kind of reality reversal that Berg so painfully practices and believes. His desperate need to see America as the bad guy, in total disregard of the evil committed by her enemies, can come only from hate.

I cut Michael Berg no slack because he lost a child in the Iraq war. Many people have lost children in this war but they haven't gone over to the enemy's side. And they don't preach a "pacifism" that opposes only America's wars, not war itself. Michael Berg's status as a grieving father earns him no pass on the outrageous things he said about al-Zarqawi, Bush, and this war. He is routing for America's defeat and that makes him a traitor, plain and simple. And if you don't see that, you're as treacherous as he is.


Anonymous said...

So you're telling a man who's son died how he should grieve? I suppose you'd have no problem with his grief if he expressed it in a manner compatible with your political views? I just love how the right seizes on dead Americans to support their politics but turns on their families if they're not happy at being exploited in this way. Yes, he's a pacifist. If there were more pacifists out there we'd have fewer bloody wars and violent deaths. Is that a bad thing? Will it still be unpatriotic to criticize the government when the democrats are in power? Try to be a little less tautological.

Loving America and loving freedom which includes the freedom to disagree with the government means that you don't call someone who doesn't vote the way you do unpatriotic. Looking at Bush's recent poll numbers (28% approval rating) it seems the vast majority of Americans are "unpatriotic" by your definition.

mccommas said...


The only poll that counts is the one held every 4 years and just to remind you,

Bush 62,040,614 (50.7%)

other guy 59,028,111 (48.3%)

Anonymous said...

I'm a different anonymous from the one above but anonymous is right you seem to be a little subjective in your blog here. I'm embarrassed for you. Using a right-wing mentality: we are the #1 country in the world and yet our citizens can't even say, hey you know what your wrong and I'm right, or man thats true I am only saying that because I've been raised this way and I haven't been tought how to put myself in others shoes.