Tuesday, June 13, 2006

I Wannabe Ann Coulter!

I wannabe Ann Coulter!

Yes, I admit it. Even though she said some pretty controversial things in her latest book, I wannabe her. Honestly, I haven't read a single book she's written, at least not all the way through. But I like her take-no-prisoners style when debating the issues on tv.

I love the fact that she's an outspoken--to put it mildly-- conservative woman. Ann Coulter shatters the Left's doctrine of identity politics, that restrictive notion that a person's political and social views should be determined by the group(s) to which he belongs. According to the doctrine, women are supposed to be liberal, voting Democrat under the unquestioned assumption that Democrats are the only politicians who can help them as women. Ann Coulter is a proud, right-wing woman, fearlessly voicing her disdain for the Left and all it's toxic "solutions" for our nation's problems. No wonder the mainstream media hates her.

Ann Coulter is the poster child for what I call individualist politics, the idea that a person's political and social beliefs are and should be determined by his education and life experiences as an individual, not by the group(s) to which he belongs. Usually, people who practice individualist politics are members of "oppressed" groups--women, gays, minorities-- whom the Left insists must be left-wing. For an individual member of such a group to think for himself and come to a different view is heresy of the highest order. Such people are subjected to the most venomous hatred by the devotees of tolerance and diversity. Just ask Ann, she knows.

And that's why I wannabe Ann Coulter. I practice individualist politics, but I'm not nearly as courageous in expressing it as Ann is. I'd settle for just half her chutzpah. If I had that I could knock down some doors instead of being semi in the closet. If only Ann could send her spirit to possess those seeking courage; I'd be a willing vessel. Find me a psychic! Find me a channeler! I wannabe Ann Coulter. She rocks!


Salmonella5000 said...

"But if you have a point to make, send out somebody who isn't a widow, who isn't an orphan, who didn't have a son die in Iraq...." --Ann Coulter

Remember that the next time a proud non-liberal wheels a burn-scarred, legless Iraq/Afghanistan war hero out onto a stage shrouded in bright little American flags and presents this specimen of our "best and brightest" as a reason we must support our Commander-In-Chief and stay the course in the Middle East and not cut and run--gotta make sure the hero warrior in the wheelchair has just half a head and one eyeball and that eyeball is where his ear used to be--and, most importantly, remember Coulter's quote the next time that non-liberal, using a burn-scarred, legless, half-a-head, eyeball-where-his-ear-used-to-be "war hero," tries to shove his/her half-assed, self-destructive religion, his/her bullsh^t patriotism, foreign/domestic poli... well, you get the gist.

Ann Coulter, huh? You wanna be Ann Mistress-Of-Eating-Disorders Coulter? Oh great....

The dude said...

Go ahead and be Ann Coulter. Just go out and say stupid shit just like her and walaaa, you are there. Sal hit it on the head. The Right Wing Republican whacko's trot out every single prop they get thier hands on to boost "W"s imaage with the public. An aircraft carrier, tons of soldiers, greiving widows, etc, etc. It seems easy to write or say things that stir controversy. Even more so when the talk show hosts seem to be the messangers of the GOP. Limbaugh, Beck, Hannity, and O'reilly all echo the Bush WH line no matter what the issue. And guess what, they get away with it because they are not elected. Same with the lanky, skanky, Coulter. I would not be surprised to see someone take that bimbo out at one of her book signings. You want to play with fire? Best make sure your pretty blond hair doesn't get burned.

A Christian Prophet said...

It seems that Ann Coulter operates very much like a really good spiritual teacher by being willing to call a spade a spade. She sees that Liberals are hopelessly trapped in fantasy and self-deception and she calls them on it. If they refuse to look at themselves and the depths of their own hatred, they will attack her. If her wake-up call is heard just a little, they will grow and open spiritually.

Justine said...

"Ann Coulter is a proud, right-wing woman, fearlessly voicing her disdain for the Left..."

Ann Coulter has also said that women are "less intelligent" than men and "shouldn't be allowed to vote"

PoorGrrl - do you think you are less intelligent than a man and shouldn't be entitled to vote?

Justine said...

"I'd settle for just half her chutzpah."

Chutzpah is not something you want - here's an example - a man who kills his parent and then pleads with the court to be lenient because he's an orphan.

Justine said...

"If they refuse to look at themselves and the depths of their own hatred..."

um, Christian Prophet - are you referring to the hatred on the left of gays? Of "unpatriotic" critics of the guy you voted for?

What is it that they are angry about? Can you give me an example?

Have you ever met an angry person on the right? Is Ann Coulter angry?
No? Really? Have you ever seen Bill O'Reilly angry? Did Dick Cheney ever tell a senator to "Fuck off". Do you think he might have been an angry man at the time?

PoorGrrl said...

WOW!!!!!!! I really hit a nerve with my Ann Coulter post. I've gotten more comments on it than any other post I've written. See why I wannabe Ann? Just the mention of her name makes folks stand up and take notice!

Anonymous said...

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mccommas said...

"But if you have a point to make, send out somebody who isn't a widow, who isn't an orphan, who didn't have a son die in Iraq...." --Ann Coulter

Miss Coulter wrote a whole chapter on that exact thought in her best selling new book "Godless: The Church of Liberalism".

Chapter 5 "Liberal's Doctrine of infallibility: sobbing hysterical women)

"Liberals are perennially enraged that republicans are allowed to talk back. For years this was not a problem becaue in Lennin's immortal words they had seized the telegrph office. There were only 3 tv stations, 3 major newspapers, and a hadful of national magazines all run by liberals.

But at least since Rush got a microphone liberals have not been able to make arguments in a vacuum. The left's long running monologue had become a dialogue

--- and they didn't like it one bit.

So now they constantly try to recreate a world where they can hurl slander and treason without anyone arguing back. They needed a doctrine of infallibility.

The appearance of Fox News nearly drove the liberals berserk: they were supposed to control 100 percent of the news issemination. When conservatives used to criticize the media, liberals always acted perplexed and indignat at the idea that a tv station could have a political bias.

Then Fox News came along and to listen to liberals you think we were living a a police state.

Fox News isn't particularly conservative but it is recognizably American".

I just love that last line!

So the Dems by necessity have come up with this trick of sending people out there to spout their views which cannot be responded to such as

Cindy Sheehan whose son died for country

Carolyn McCarthy whose husband was mudered by a crazy person to lobby for gun control.

Widow Nancy Reagan and a paralyzed dying Christopher Reeve
to lobby for embrynoic experiments

"a gaggle of weeping widows to blame Bush (instead of the terrorts) for the 9-11 attacks."

"a diabled Vietname veteran to attack Iraq policy and call Bush, Cheeney and every other human who disagreed with him a "chicken hawk".

"a purple heart congressman John Murtha to argue for surrender in Iraq."

further in the book Coulter said they also used former Reagan Press Secretary James Brady and his wife to argue for gun control but not for locking up crazy people like John Hinckley, Jr. who shot him.

Well Ok I could say more but me and my guy are going to the mall.

Love the blog baby! I bookmarked it and as soon as I finish Godless I will be glad to mail it to you if you promice me to read just one Chapter.

And that Chapter is not Five but Chapter 3.

Its called "The Martyr: Willie Horton".