Friday, May 26, 2006

In Memoriam

This coming Monday is Memorial Day. Most people are just looking forward to a three day weekend, which is understandable; I'm looking forward to a three day weekend, too. However, I hope every American, every citizen of a free nation, will stop and take at least a moment to remember and give thanks for all those who gave their lives so we could have the liberty too many of us not only take for granted, but promiscuously abuse.

You don't necessarily have to visit a cemetary and place a flag on a veteran's grave, although that would be nice. Just remember, if only for a moment. And remember, too, those veterans who fought for us who aren't dead. If you know of a veteran in your neighborhood, pay him a visit and say thanks for his sacrifice. If you don't know any veterans personally, why not make a donation to a veteran's hospital or a nursing home that has veterans among it's residents? These are some little things we can do to show our appreciation.

And remember, also, that these veterans fought for us to have liberty, NOT libertinism. Understanding the difference between these two concepts is a big thing we can do to honor our vets.

So, enjoy your three day weekend, I'm going to. But remember. Remember.

They deserve it.


Anonymous said...

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PoorGrrl said...

Sadly, our veterans fought so even a piece of shit like you, anonymous, could speak your mind, what little you have.

Justine said...

"anonymous" - if you don't enter someone's house to insult them don't enter their blog to do it either. It's pathetic, it's bullying and it's not an argument or debate. Why do people blog -the answer is to exchange ideas with others. If you have no ideas to exchange then don't post comments.

Justine said...

Well said poorgrrl.

Anonymous said...

Yeah that was stupid anonymous, in fact you've actually inspired me to log on and enter my name just so people don't think I'm the one sending this stuff.