Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Just Say "NO!" to Cinco de Mayo

Like all true Americans I am furious at these illegal aliens taking to the street to demand rights they have no right to demand. However, I'm also increasingly angry with my fellow true Americans who, in the comfort of their homes, bitch and complain about the illegal alien invasion of this country but won't do a damn thing about.

In my previous post, "Dissing the American Worker", I suggested something true Americans could do to make our voices heard. I called for a national strike on May 5, Cinco de Mayo, to show our lawmakers, the mainstream media, and the illegals just who is the real backbone of America's economy. The plan was for all true Americans to stay home from work and school and to let the empty offices, factories, and classrooms speak more loudly than any demonstration could. I still believe we should do the strike, but I've changed the focus a little.

Instead of taking off from work this coming Friday, I'm calling on all true Americans to boycott every Cinco de Mayo parade and celebration and to keep their children home from school because most schools will be glorifying the holiday. We must NOT participate in this show of Mexican nationalism at a time when American nationalism is routinely denounced as racism. We must send a message to Hispanic activists that we will NOT be bullied into silence and inaction by their specious accusations of racism and we must tell our government that we demand border security and that we're fed up with politicians playing politics with America's sovereignty. And that's what the whole illegal alien issue is really all about, American sovereignty.

America is an independent, sovereign nation with every right to have immigration laws and to control it's border. That fact is what's really under attack by the illegal aliens and their liberal allies. When illegals march in the streets demanding amnesty they're effectively saying that American law is inherently illegitimate and, frighteningly, millions of guilt-ridden, self-hating (white) liberals agree with them. These people view America the way Hamas views Israel: as an illegitimate country with no right to exist. Enforcment of our immigration laws is a declaration of our national legitimatcy, that's why illegals, Hispanic activists, the Mexican government, and American liberals want it to stop. All these people want us to accept the notion that America's right to exist is nullified by its racism, sexism, classism, imperialism, and oppression and that poor Mexicans--(non-white) poor people everywhere--therefore have the right to enter America at will. An open border is the way America atones for its sins.

All true Americans must zealously reject this nation-destroying, leftist doctrine. We must stand up for OUR country, OUR laws, OUR sovereignty. We must boldly declare that while true immigrants--people who come here legally and assimilate into our culture--are warmly welcomed, illegal aliens will NOT be tolerated. We must fearlessly join the battle to save the land of the free and the home of the brave. The days of celebrating other peoples' nations and cultures while our own are smeared and trashed are over. Just say "NO!" to Cinco de Mayo. Let the war begin.

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