Tuesday, October 02, 2012


Tomorrow the first of the three presidential debates if scheduled to take place.  Due to my early work schedule I will miss most of it so I can get much needed sleep.  I'm not sure that's a bad thing.  I suspect this debate is going to be a nail biter and, frankly, I'm not sure I'm up for the suspense.  Of course, I want Romney to win but I fear he won't.  I fear that Romney will play it safe and be "civil" to Obama so as not to appear racist, elitist, heartless, out of touch, and whatever else liberals' accuse him of being.  I think that would be a big mistake.  If I could offer Mitt Romney one piece of advice about tomorrow's debate it would be:  BE BOLD!!!!

Be bold in the defense of free markets.  Be bold in the defense of limited government.  Be bold in the defense of patriotism.  Be bold in the defense of border security.  Be bold in the defense of religious freedom.  Be bold in the defense of traditional marriage.  Be bold in the defense of the unborn.  In short, be bold in the defense of the conservative principles Romney claims to believe in. 

Romney should debate to win and convert, not to impress the unimpressible.  He must not water down his beliefs in order to curry favor with liberals or appear "nice".  A bold, spirited, and unapologetic defense of conservative principles is the best way to sway doubters to the cause as well as rally the choir.  Smart, aggressive, unashamed, conservatism.  It's about time for that.  Mr. Romney, it's about to BE BOLD!!!


Skunkfeathers said...

Whatever tact Romney chooses, count on the lamestreamers -- especially the pmsnbc crowd who are 100% sluts for Barry -- to spin the debate as a 'win' for Barry, no matter the outcome. Honesty is not in the lib credo.

Seane-Anna said...

"pmsnbc" Priceless!

Anonymous said...

Bold is what I hear that his advisors are telling him. It would be good if he was. Bold on all of the areas you put and, bold on obama's record. That is something that is sure to win it for Romney. But, if you look at the past, the first debate is usually won by the opponent to the president. So maybe he will win this one. I have my fingers crossed that he will, and that he listens to his advisors. Great post my friend. Do more.

Skunkfeathers said...

Well, I do have to stand somewhat corrected: Romney was bold -- or at least straight forward -- while Barry stumbled, fumbled and couldn't compete without a teleprompter loaded with fraud to prop him up. Lehrer couldn't prop him up, though he tried; and his performance was so lame -- necessitated by the fact he has no positive accomplishments -- even the lamestreamers at pmsnbc were whining about him.

Romney was no McCain; he was way better. Romney was no Reagan, either; but I'll bet RR is giving him two thumbs up from the best seat in the House.