Saturday, March 26, 2011

How To Handle A Liberal

Who knew we'd get a lesson in handlling self-righteous, bullying liberals from a young boy in Australia. Thank you, Casey Heynes!


The Griper said...

the only way to handle bullies, in my mind. it teaches both sides a lesson, not only the bully but the one being bullied too.

Skunkfeathers said...

When I was younger, I often heard the stuff about 'turn the other cheek', and the trouble I'd get in if I got suspended from school for fighting. I tried the "turn the other cheek" philosophy with bullies.


When I stood up to a bully and made it clear that I was ready to throw down...that ended the problem.

Life lesson. History lesson. Just as applicable today as has been throughout recorded history. Bullies thrive on weakness and falter when confronted.

Go Casey ;-)

Roadhouse said...

I heard about this video on the radio the other day and forgot to look it up, thanks for the reminder! The big guy obviously doesn't subscribe to the Obama doctrine, otherwise he would have waited for permission from the other kids before defending himself.