Tuesday, March 01, 2011

$3.29 A Gallon Gas?!?!

I can't believe this.

Yesterday evening on the way home from work gas was $3.18 at my favorite discount filling station. On my way to work at 5:30 this morning gas was $3.29 at the same filling station. Pardon my French, but, "WTF?!?!".

Yes, I know the Libyan crisis is partially responsible for the latest hike in prices at the pump, but gas has been rising for some time. When is all hell going to break loose over this? I mean, when gas prices were soaring just a few years ago the country was pissed off (pardon my French again). The price of gas was all anybody could talk about. That subject seemed to lead every news hour on tv. People eagerly supported exploiting America's domestic energy resources and "Drill, baby, drill!" was chanted across the nation. But now? Nothing. And I think I know why.

When gas prices were rising a few years ago Bush was still president. It was in liberals' political interest to hype skyrocketing gas prices--and anything else wrong in the country--then. They believed it would help them win in '08. The liberals got a boost from many ordinary Americans who were also fed up with Bush and expressed it in anger over the gas prices. Ordinary folks were truly upset about the pain at the pumps but liberals were engaging in manufactured outrage to achieve political ends. And it worked. Republican John McCain was defeated in the presidential election. Liberals got their man into the White House; now criticism and dissent were supposed to stop.

Liberals' guiding principle on Barack Obama's presidency is that he's not responsible for anything bad that happens on his watch. I beg to differ. Paying almost $4 for a gallon of gas is just as painful under a Black Democratic president as it was under a White Republican president. Again, I know that unrest in the Middle East is partially to blame for sticker shock at the pump, but only partially. Obama is to blame, too. He doesn't get a pass just because he's Black and liberal. Racial equality means people are treated the same, regardless of race. Right? So, if Bush was responsible for everything bad that occurred during his presidency, then so is Obama. And believe me, paying $3.29 a gallon for gas is bad. Very bad. Even under the Messiah.


Anonymous said...

I totally agree. I remember when the price of gas started going up when Bush was president, and it seemed the liberal media couldn't get enough of blaming him for it because he was an "oil man". But, try to hear a dissenting word against Obama in the press and you will hear crickets. Even though Obama himself said during his campaign, that 'Gas prices would necessarily have to skyrocket because of his plans.' Give me a break. If they want to blame Bush, go ahead, but show some b@##s. Tell the truth when your guy does it too.
Great post my friend.

Skunkfeathers said...

Barry actually said -- I have to paraphrase, 'cuz I ain't got the quote at my fingertips -- that he wished the rise in price had been more gradual, so we could get "used to it". He WANTS gas prices higher, so we'll be forced into his crap 'n tax plan that will finish what Barry's hellthscare started: libtard command and control of the economy. The guy is an abysmal moron.

Roadhouse said...

$3.29? Lucky! The cheapest around our neck of woods is $3.55.