Saturday, October 02, 2010

Socialism Saturday in the Capital

Oops! I almost forgot! Today was the day of the big One Nation Working Together, aka we-lefties-can-do-it-too-Glenn-Beck-!, rally. Liberals hoped to show the power of their ideology and the Democratic party by outdoing Glenn Beck's Restoring Honor rally held on August 28. They failed.

By the media accounts I've seen, turn out for the One Nation protest was far below the hundreds of thousands who attended Beck's rally. And no wonder.

Glenn Beck's rally was about just what its name says, restoring honor in America. It was about getting back to God, family, community, patriotism, decency, integrity, all the traditional values that made this nation great. Beck's rally wasn't about politics. It wasn't about rallying the party faithful to defeat their ideological opponents at the polls. On the contrary, attendees to Restoring Honor were specifically told NOT to bring signs to the gathering. Contrast that to One Nation.

One Nation Working Together was political to the core. How can an event featuring speakers like Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, and Ed Schultz be non-political? How can an event sponsored by groups like Code Pink, AFL-CIO, SIEU, NAACP, La Raza, Rainbow PUSH Coalition, International ANSWER, American Muslim Association of North America, Democratic Socialists of America, and the Communist Party USA, to name a few, be non-political? Simple answer: it can't!

Nope, no politics here!

Make no mistake. The One Nation rally was political. That's why NAACP president Ben Jealous called it the "antidote to the Tea Party". The purpose of the rally was to support and promote big government liberalism and even full blown socialism. If you doubt that take a look at this:

"Obama ain't no socialist! We are! We are!"

Yes, you heard the chant right. Those were the people at the rally supporting the Democrats and Obama. Hmmmmm. Socialists, communists, and radicals. That's the real base of the Democratic party. And they call the Tea Partiers extremists. No. The truth was on display today in Washington D.C. It was socialism Saturday. That's what the Democrats have become. And that's why they must be defeated in November.

Down with socialism!


Anonymous said...

Obama aint no socialist....we are we appropo.....but here is what Obama is......Their leader. Their Mussolini. Their Stalin. Their Hitler. Anyone that I missed?

Great post my friend.

Skunkfeathers said...

Barry is a socialist. His supporters -- who turned out a tenth as many as Glenn Beck's rally -- made that clear.

They also made clear that they are pigs. A tenth as many people made 15 times the mess that Beck's rally did.

Libtards are socialists, and are pigs. They left the mess on the National Mall that they are desperately trying to turn the country into.

November '10 is the start in turning their tide back.

Anonymous said...

Exactly....and I cant wait to hear their response to that one....It will be say the least.

Skunkfeathers said...

I already know their response: "We didn't get our message out; hatemongering Right Wing Talk Radio drowned out and lied about our message of progressive values. We need the Fairness Doctrine..." yada, yada, yada.

The same self-denial and the same lies, over and over and over. Liberal/progressive ideology can only be sold as a lie. When the truth is told -- and the history of it is shown -- it fails every time. EVERY TIME.

Game, set, match.