Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Rescue Of The Chilean Miners

I'm watching FoxNews and those trapped Chilean miners are FINALLY being rescued. I haven't blogged about the plight of those trapped men but I've thought about them off and on ever since I heard about their plight. When their story first made the news the men's prospects for a fairly quick rescue were rather grim. It was reported that they wouldn't be saved for about four months. I remember shuddering at the thought of being trapped underground, where God knows what can happen, for four months. Now, however, the men are at last being rescued after being underground for "only" a little over two months.

I'm so happy to see this miracle unfold. And it's not just the miracle of the rescue; it's the miracle of people all over the world pulling and praying for these men, strangers to them, connected to them only by their common humanity. It reminds me of the rescue of Baby Jessica over twenty years ago. The world seemed to come to a stop then, too, and the only thing that mattered was the safe retrieval of an 18-month-old baby trapped in a well. Humanity showed its best face then, and it's doing so again now.

I'm one of those people pulling and praying for those 33 men in that mine. Their safe rescue will be a huge blessing to them and their families. God bless the rescuers, God bless the miners, and God bless the human race for acting human.


Anonymous said...

Amen to that my friend. Amen to that. This shows just how a miracle can be seen by man. God is in every detail here. God Bless the miners, and everyone who made this rescue possible.

Skunkfeathers said...

Many a lesson to be learned here.

-Chile's president ignored "play it safe" advice, and made rescue a top national priority.
-Chile's president wasn't afraid to ask for foreign expertise to help.
-Some very positive help came from, where else, but the US (a drilling supply co in Berlin, PA and NASA, among others)?
-the Chilean miners were 33 profiles in courage.

Barry won't be able to claim credit for this, even though he'll probably receive an Emmy Award for saying he watched it on TV.

Seane-Anna said...

"Barry won't be able to claim credit for this, even though he'll probably receive an Emmy Award for saying he watched it on TV."

Priceless, Skunky!

Anonymous said...

Another thing about this too, is when the President of Chile made his speech afterwards, he mentioned some of the leaders that helped.....Netanyahu and several others...but guess which one he didn't mention.......rhymes with mama.

Skunkfeathers said...

I had to laugh at more libtard hysterical drivel: Chris "Tingles" Matthews claimed on PMSNBC that if the Tea Party had been in charge, those miners would be dead.

*KNOCK KNOCK ON VACUOUS SKULL OF MATTHEWS*...Hello, is there intelligent life in there? Guess what freed those miners, Chris? Capitalist, entrepreneurial know-how. Moonbats would still be arguing over environmental impact statements on the effects on global warming for the rescue.