Saturday, May 22, 2010

Update On Me

Hello friends! I just wanted to update you on my health situation. I still don't know with 100% certainty that I have breast cancer. I hope to find that out by Wednesday of next week as I go in Monday for a surgical biopsy. It will be an out patient surgery and I'll be home the same day, thank God. Then will come that nerve wracking wait for the results; ditto with the results of the PET scan that I had today to see if there's been any spreading of the cancer (if it's there).

Whether or not I even have cancer...I just don't know what to think. As I wrote in my previous post I was told I have breast cancer but was later informed by my surgeon that my pathology report was inconlusive. Still, my surgeon, Dr. C, is 99% convinced that I do have cancer and we just need to find out what kind, hence the new biopsy. My oncologist, Dr. G, is more doubtful, telling me flat out that "we don't know" if I have cancer because the results of the first biopsy were "useless". Two good doctors; two different opinions. So, what to think? I don't know. All I can do is wait for the results, prepare for the worst, and pray for the best.

The next few days are going to be a little hard.


I almost forgot. My genetic test results came back NEGATIVE for BOTH gene mutations that signigicantly increase a woman's chances for breast cancer. This is good because IF I do have breast cancer not having the mutations means that I won't have to consider a double mastectomy as my best or even only treatment option. If the lump is small enough--and Dr. C thinks it is--I can get by with only a lumpectomy followed by radiation and/or chemo. That's the treatment option I prefer if I have to have treatment. But I'm steadfastly praying that I won't.


Skunkfeathers said...

Keepin' the positive vibes goin' from here, so's test results hopefully come up with the best outcome ;)

Seane-Anna said...

Thank you, Skunky!