Wednesday, December 02, 2009

A Recipe For Victory...

...for our enemies.

I didn't watch Barack Obama's Afghanistan speech last night; I didn't think I could stomach it, and one thing I've heard about the speech has confirmed that thought.

Barack Obama, our great and fearless leader, did announce that he's sending 30,000 more troops to Afghanistan, 10,000 fewer than General McChrystal asked for. However, he also said that America would begin withdrawing those troops in 18 months, presumably without any regard to conditions on the ground. Did you get that? We're going to put in more troops then yank them out according to the date on the calendar, NOT what's necessary for victory.

Now, I'm no general. I'm no military strategist. But even I know that you can't win a war by telling your enemy that you're fighting by the clock. I mean, what does Obama think al Qaeda and the Taliban will do? See his "good will" and throw down their arms? No! They'll lay low for the next year and a half and then take over again once our troops withdraw. Duh!

Then it will be back to square one: the Taliban running Afghanistan and jihadis running their training camps under Taliban protection. What an achievement.

But that's probably what Obama really wants. After all, he cut his political teeth on the hard Left, where hating America is de rigueur. Obama sat for twenty years in a God damn America, Black liberation church. He launched his political career in the home of radical Left terrorist Bill Ayers. He was friends for years with far-left "priest" Father Pfleger who thundered from the pulpit that America was the greatest sin against God. Obama immersed himself in that world. Can we really be surprised that he governs from its America-is-the-problem paradigm?

Barack Obama is like a gay man married to a woman. He's trying to act like what he's not--a patriotic moderate--but his true far-left nature continuously slips out. Eventually Obama will succumb completely to his true self and plunge head first into promiscuous leftism. Oh, wait, he's there already; his speech last night proved that. Last night at West Point, our nation's most prestigious military academy, Barack Obama delivered a recipe for victory...for our enemies.

God help us!


Skunkfeathers said...

Barry never supported the surge in Iraq during his "full of fairy tales" campaign; he complained that where we should be was Afghanistan, and even threatened to move without hesitation into Pakistan in hot pursuit.

Then he got a grip on the presidency along with his gadget, and he became Mr. Dither.

Finally, he gets off his prat and moves with less than asked for, talking tough out one side of his mouth, and talking retreat with a timetable to the Taliban and Al Qaida (and to buy off his howling liberal base), out the other.

Change we can bereave in.

Seane-Anna said...

"Change we can bereave in." Priceless!

Robert "the infidel" Garding said...

you are so right on this one. I almost screamed out at him when I heard he was going to say this, and my post was done actually a few hours before the speech! YOU CANNOT WIN A WAR ON A TIMETABLE!!!! Obama is the most out of touch, idiotic president I think we have ever had. I won't say he is stupid because he is not...but he is idiotic.

Robert "the infidel" Garding said...

Skunkfeathers,....great comment my friend.

Conservative Pup said...

Great post! Everything he does, I believe, is planned and scripted and staged for some reason. I can think of plenty of malicious reasons for the delay and dithering on sending additional troops. I have no faith in this administration that ANYTHING they do is for "the good of the country."

"Change we can bereave in"--terrific, best I've read in a while.

I linked to this post today in my Pup's Picks. Keep up the great work!

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