Friday, February 06, 2009

The Desperate Deliverer

Almost from the moment he stepped unto the national stage Barack Obama has been held up by his devotees as the epitome of cool. But last night, while rallying the Democratic troops in support of his rapidly faltering "stimulus" bill, the Deliverer sounded downright desperate.

Speaking more like a candidate than a sitting president, the Chosen One called for the passage of his pork-laden bill with vehement passion. He returned to his campaign theme of "change" by telling the assembled Dems that Americans didn't elect him and them just so they could play the same old political games. America needs new solutions, American solutions, bipartisan solutions and, by golly, those Democrats had better give 'em to them! And just in case the appeal to "change" didn't work, His Worshipfulness dragged out THE tried and true motivator: fear.

Failure to pass his "stimulus" bill, Dear Leader warned, would lead to economic catastrophe. There was NO time to waste. The bill had to pass NOW! It was the ONLY way to stave off the apocalypse. Yep, nothing like a good ol' round of fearmongering to rev up the folks. The Big O didn't look so innovative and inspiring after that. He also didn't look too tolerant of dissent, either.

While railing against opposition to his "stimulus" package, Great Leader singled out what he called "cable chatter" as part of the problem. I took this to mean the conservative tv talking heads who are taking his bill apart with a fine tooth comb and telling the folks just what's in it. How else can you explain support for the bill dropping like a proverbial rock? Anyhow, the "cable chatter" thing really caught my attention. Was this a hint that conservatives--or anyone else--shouldn't pry too closely into the High One's plans for America? Was this an attempt to set the stage for the return of the terribly misnamed Fairness Doctrine? Methinks I smell a whiff of Stalinism in the air. What say you?

Watching The Great Liberal Hope melt into a puddle of desperation was a hoot. Obviously he's not taking the cold wind of reality too well. But I guess we should expect that after the love fest that was his coronation. After being virtually deified on Janurary 20th, I'm sure the Messiah really believed that all he had to do was sit his brown butt in the Oval Office and utopia would break out. It didn't and his stunned reaction is soooooooo funny! The next four years might be rather tolerable after all. Hee, hee.


mccommas said...

-an accurate analysis.

WomanHonorThyself said...

great minds think alike girl!

JMK said...

This is the Democrats' best chance of laddling pork and institutionalizing Chicago's old school patronage politics on a national scale.

Jobs (from those in gov't) for votes and control over your life.

Free stuff for votes and control over your life.

Works just about every time.

It's one of the reason that NYC groaned under the weight of the Tammany machine until the 1970s and why Chicago still suffers under a similar patronage mill to this day.